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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Times Square Car Bomb

No matter who is responsible for the Times Square failed car bomb incident, it illustrates how easily radioactive material could be dispersed over a hugely populated area. With radioactive material so loosely handled overseas in places like India where Cobalt-60 sickened people in a scrap metal yard in New Delhi recently, it’s not a stretch to imagine terrorists putting dirty nuke material in an SUV like the one found near Times Square with a simple explosive device like rigged up propane tanks. With the ease thousands stream across our porous borders carrying drugs and weapons under armed protection by the Mexican drug cartels, the threat of these same routes becoming a conduit for radioactive material smuggled from Europe is a very real concern. I hope after this near tragedy in New York City, coupled with the May Day marches on our streets by illegal alien invaders in the tens of thousands will force our citizenry to connect the dots. Arizona and other states adopting an enforcement stance against illegal invasions of our border may very well prevent a catastrophic attack.


whydibuy said...

Its so perverse with the feds wanting all this so called homeland security stuff as tapping phone lines and breaking into private email. But when it comes to millions of invaders burst into the country, they decide to ignore that security breach.

Thats the one thing that really irks me. The gov wages a war against the constitutional rights of its legitimate citizens, while opening the floodgates for illegal residents to start crime waves, cost waves and anchor baby waves.

BernardL said...

Regular citizens don’t have to sweat the Fed’s intrusion, whydibuy. They do a very strictly harnessed ‘Data Mining’ collection operation to pinpoint suspicious foreign communications. They don’t read everybody’s e-mails nor are they allowed to. What they do is use technology to recognize words, phrases, and code to flag possible terrorist chatter. The technology has been so effective for targeting our Predator drones recently, Al Qaeda Taliban in Pakistan and Afghanistan no longer communicate via cell phones or Internet drops.

I agree completely with you about our incredible efforts to take the fight to our enemy and safeguard America while leaving the border to turn into the Wild West. President Bush had a chance after 9/11 to enforce our laws to the max with complete backing from the entire country to solve the illegal immigration problem, citing real security concerns. Instead he decided on that goofy ‘business as usual’ path with pretending if we actually protected our borders we’d be letting the terrorists win… oh barf! Bush is only one in a long line of Presidents who have turned a blind eye to the illegal alien invasion. He is the only one to have had a true mandate after a terrorist incident with 9/11’s impact to enforce our immigration laws once and for all. I believe his shortsighted border pandering with Mexico after 9/11 has led to the ambiguity responsible for the rest of us having to watch the invaders prance around calling the rest of us racists because we want only LEGAL immigration. I wonder how many terrorist cells as Iran claims to already have inside our nation were built through border infiltration and what kind of stuff did they bring with them when they came?

Joseph said...

According to some theories, low doses of radiation can be beneficial. In any case, radioactive material will be washed away in the next rain.

The biggest problem is if the same idiots complaining about depleted uranium use it as an excuse to shut down the affected area until they go on to the next fad.

BernardL said...

"According to some theories, low doses of radiation can be beneficial. In any case, radioactive material will be washed away in the next rain."

You must be joking, Joseph, although you've picked a very unfunny subject for comedy. Just being near the Cobalt-60 radiated metal in the New Delhi scrap yard for a short period of time landed a host of people in the hospital with radiation poisoning. Your 'fad' comment was even less humorous.

Charles Gramlich said...

Definitely scary. I've got a picture in my head of who this guy will turn out to be. I'm curious to see I'm right.

BernardL said...

The real scary part is that anyone can do this kind of psycho crap, Charles. Everyone is getting into the act now from the Pakistan Taliban claiming responsibility to the media's fortyish white man changing his shirt near the bomb vehicle. Pakistan intelligence service doesn't believe the Taliban's claim and it has been pointed out that it would have been really stupid for the bomber to change his shirt in the middle of the sidewalk. There's some wild stuff on the Internet today like North Korea using a mini-sub to torpedo the leaking Gulf oil rig (false but wild - I listened to a survivor's account of what happened and he said it was a fluke). We live in interesting times just like the Chinese curse.