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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Around The World At Sixteen!

A sixteen year old Australian returned from seven months sailing around the world single handedly in a thirty-four foot yacht. Jessica Watson proved a lot of people wrong that thought she would probably not survive. I was stationed aboard an aircraft carrier, the USS Ranger, for three years while in the service. We were in typhoons and rough weather so I’ve seen what the ocean looks like at night with the entire world in black roiling chaos at sea but I was on a floating city. Imagining being out there for seven months by myself in what wouldn’t even qualify as a life raft compared to the Ranger chills me right to the bone. Some ‘sailing enthusiasts’ claim she wasn’t far enough north of the equator for her voyage to be considered an official ‘round-the-world’ sail. Oh really, you short-sighted nitpicking toads? Ms. Watson has accomplished an incredible feat which may never be equaled by one so young ever again. She may have used up a lifetime’s worth of luck and daring but wow, what a ride! Her real life voyage makes paranormal fiction bland in comparison. God bless and keep her safe.


Middle Ditch said...

Sixteen! Seven months! Wow! Good for her!

When I was sixteen I had boys on the mind not sailing so good luck to her for the future. A magnificent feat.

BernardL said...

At sixteen, I considered it a feat to chew gum and walk at the same time. :) It is simply amazing, MD.

whydibuy said...

I don't know how you verify such a feat.

So many claim fame in some accomplishment but it falls apart under scrutiny and research. I would rather give this time to be reviewed before I give accolades.

I wonder if she went around Cape Horn. That area always fascinated me. Gale winds, icy waters and 50 ft seas 200 days a year.

BernardL said...

I think it's for real, whydibuy. The Prime Minister of Australia met her and spoke at the celebration. I think he believes it. I do too.

Bernita said...

"short-sighted nitpicking toads"
THAT is a great line!

And I agree...I was the same at sixteen (and not much better now.)

BernardL said...

The scope of her seven month miracle voyage is almost incomprehensible, Bernita. I don't blame people for finding what Ms. Watson did so incredible as to be hard to believe, but the ones like these 'sailing enthusiasts' who know it to be true coming up with critiques on her course are kind of... 'small'.