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Friday, May 7, 2010

Carbon Mafia Bust

If you haven’t read about the raids on Europe’s Carbon Mafia this Investor’s Business Daily article breaks down the details very well. The Chicago Climate Exchange is built with all the same ingredients in this country – imaginary product, scam artists pushing it like The Goracle (someone has to pay for that 9 million dollar Montecito Estate), and politicians investing and voting on it at the same time with our tax money at stake. Good Lord, Al Capone must be doing pinwheels in his grave looking up from hell. Capone would see worse stuff than he ever did making bigger crooks rich legally with none of the nasty consequences like prison time. Talk about license to steal – the stuff Goracle and his ilk are doing with this carbon market racket must make ‘Bernie’ Madoff feel like a small time pencil thief.

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