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Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Shredders of East Anglia

The shredders worked overtime at the University of East Anglia apparently. They’ve admitted to throwing away the raw data used in their Global Warming Scam when confronted with orders to turn it over under the Freedom of Information Act – supposedly to save space in their new building. Imagine that – the foremost scientists in the world unable to digitize data. This hampers researchers from finding out how these conmen set us all up for global extortion by Al Gore and his carbon credit crooks. I’m following this mostly through UK and Canadian papers because our investigative journalists in this country have been worshipping at the Global Warming altar so long they’ve forgotten GW was supposed to be science rather than a religion.

For those interested, here is a link to the American Thinker blog where J.R. Dunn traces this fraud through the many steps of criminal conspiracy it took to reach our present plateau of fake science, complete with supporting links. He examines the fraud from Canadian statistician Steve McIntyre’s discovery of the Y2k Glitch, when the supposed GW scientists first embarked on their doctored data trail.

Remember, these revelations are not disproving the existence of God. They are finally unraveling the most complex, widespread, and successful fraud ever perpetrated on the world. It will take years to recover economically from what these criminal scientists and carnival barker front men like Al Gore have done. The bright side is the scam has been exposed. This new meeting in Copenhagen of governmental sheep following the GW religion as willing acolytes will be ridiculed for generations to come.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Climategate - Good News, Polar Bears!

I’ll start this by saying up front I don’t care whether Al Gore had his new book cover photo-shopped with hurricanes swirling in the wrong direction. The important point remains our former Vice President belongs to a worldwide gang of thieves perpetuating a hoax so massive the economies of countries hang in the balance rather than the earth. With the new revelations uploaded to the Internet by hackers of the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit, a needle of truth has been stuck into the global warming scam balloon. Until admissions the e-mails and documents were real, I didn’t think it was prudent to mention the subject.

Unlike many who have believed this was a hoax of monumental proportions all along and are celebrating the expose, I’m praying this new religion of global warming can actually be stopped with the truth. This can have a happy ending for all of us. For one thing this scam can be stopped before the global warming cult can reduce Western Civilization to third world nation status while extorting money from the entire world community. That should be the point of celebration if the cult can be halted, not whether Al Gore the Global Warming Carnival Barker’s book cover is photo-shopped. I don’t care if he sells ten million copies and makes a fortune. If people want to buy it then by all means, crank up the printing presses.

Most people are gullible about apocalyptic predictions. We live in a world where people rubberneck at horrendous roadway accidents, flock to the most sickening horror movies ever produced, and embrace doomsday with a lover’s passion – all while beseeching the universe to allow it to happen in their time. In this era of global extortion, the gullible have been catapulted into the position of foisting the hoax onto the rest of the world’s wallets. I can only hope the truth will be enough to derail the false prophets of doom.

Here are some links to the outing. I can’t include the New York Times because according to them they refuse to print what should be private correspondence. It’s okay though for them to print classified material which leads to the deaths of our own troops while rooting for the enemy. Go figure. Anyway, here are a few of the thankfully growing number of media covering this good news. After all, think of it this way, the earth, polar bears and even us crappy humans can breathe a sigh of relief until the politician’s and their Igor’s (the scientific community & Media) perpetrate their next scam: global cooling.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I had to go for my semi-annual dental check-up last Saturday. Most of the time I deal with this as I would any other torturous event in my life I can’t avoid – I make jokes about it to my wife. She knows I have fractured and sliced numerous parts on my body during work or sports, wrapped them up and went back to work without a doctor’s visit or taking a day off (I went to the doctor’s office for the first time in seventeen years last summer for an overdue tetanus shot). She needles me because the dentist represents the only human being on earth who can induce anxiety in me. I issue these tidbits of information only because it sets up how already unhappy I am at making these twice a year sojourns into personal angst. My dentist is a good man I’ve had a respectful relationship with for two decades. He surprised me a couple weeks back by having his receptionist call and reschedule my cleaning which has never happened. No big deal, I think.

I arrive early as always. The very nice receptionist seats me in an exam room. I then hear my dentist outside the room tying up loose ends with a previous patient before sticking his head in to greet me.

“Hi, I’ll be right with you, Bernie.”

‘No problem, Doc, I’m early.”

Then I hear him coughing – one of those dry coughs all of us experience sometimes because of the treated air inside buildings. Worst case, I’m thinking maybe he has a cold, or he’s getting over one, or he has the swine flu. He comes in with my file, mask in place, looking for some reason to take x-rays which he always finds. Donning exam gloves, my dentist coughs onto his gloved hands periodically while inserting x-ray plates in my mouth on both sides. During this time we exchange pleasantries about family while I can still talk and he clucks over my old fillings starting to show cracks (they’ve been showing cracks for a decade). I politely tell him once again I’ll notify him immediately of any change or if I’m having trouble. Then he slips the bombshell on me.

“I’m sorry about postponing your cleaning from last week… (pause to cough)… excuse me. I was in Africa attending a conference.”

Oh boy, there’s some good news. I feel like Stephen King’s characters sitting at the gas station just before the car driven by a dying driver infected with viral death hurtles into the gas pump at the beginning of ‘The Stand’. My silence stretched out like a dead python between us. He went on after a moment about his adventure, pausing to cough on a periodic basis while setting up his cleaning equipment. I’m of course sitting there wondering how long I’ve got before the Eboli bacteria starts giving me his dry hacking cough. The Doc finishes setting up and launches into my cleaning, complete with coughing pauses while politely holding a hand up to his masked mouth before plunging it again into mine. I emerged from the dentist’s office with a new perspective on fears pertaining to my teeth. :)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Near Miss

One of those mechanic’s spine chilling jobs came in last Thursday. An older lady customer of mine arrived with her 1996 Chevy Lumina with a coolant leak coming from the intake manifold gaskets on her 3.1L V6 engine. These are labor intensive jobs I won’t bore anyone here with. The chilling part happened when I had assembled the job and started the vehicle up. When it started I pushed the accelerator and the throttle jammed. The only thing I had done to the throttle cable was disconnect it from the throttle body. I thought maybe something had hung up on the throttle body but such was not the case. I removed the throttle cable and it was frayed inside the throttle cable casing. I then removed the whole cable from the car, finding my potential nightmare. Where the cable was connected inside the vehicle at the accelerator pedal numerous frayed strands were sticking out. I called the dealer immediately and ordered the cable which won’t be here until tomorrow. It was a bad thing for the customer in that she would not have use of her vehicle until I get the cable.

It was one of those God sends for me which I have been blessed with over the decades. If the cable had not stuck on me, I would have sent the Chevy out with my customer at the wheel driving a time bomb. My nightmare job I could legitimately claim no responsibility for would have been out in the city, or disaster of disasters on the freeway, when the accelerator stuck. Non-mechanics would think ‘no problem, I’ll shut off the car’. True, this would shut the engine down, but it also leaves the driver with no power steering and no power brakes, possibly hurtling down the freeway at seventy miles an hour. With my imagination I can see a scenario of carnage so tragic my blood freezes when I think about it. Needless to say, when my customer asked how much more the cable would add to the job I said no charge – and silently said a prayer in thanks to God it happened to me before I sent her out on the road. My customer and I must have had our guardian angels on alert for this near miss. :)