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Sunday, May 23, 2010

OTM Invasion Statistics

As the race baiters keep claiming Arizona profiles innocent ‘undocumented immigrants’ hundreds of OTM (Other Than Mexican) illegal alien invaders from terrorist nations infiltrate from south of the border. The article below illustrates the very real danger this enemy invasion represents. The paraphernalia OTM’s leave strewn around the border before crossing should give anyone pause. Put yourself in the place of Arizona citizens on the border knowing not only are Mexican drug cartel minions with machine guns escorting thousands of human drug pack mules over their land but also terrorists on their way to set up shop deep within the USA. The article’s statistics only represent the OTM’s caught by the border patrol- not the ones who made it through.


whydibuy said...

Don't you just love all the misdirection with the characterizing of illegals??

""Undocumented workers"" , " migrant immigrants", " hispanic emigres "........anything but the true description of ILLEGAL.

Did I read right that the mexican president addressed the congress over AZ laws and the dems gave him a standing ovation??

I guess no one will call him out on mexicos hard line on illegals there. There is no debate about illegals there. They're simply illegal with no rights.

BernardL said...

President Calderon has drug cartel thugs with machine guns robbing people on a Texas lake who stray over the International line. He can't even defend his own citizens who are getting murdered and kidnapped in the thousands, whydibuy. I'm with you. The least he could do is keep silent when a state like Arizona decides to defend its 'legal' citizens - or better yet use them as a role model.

Matthew Nowlin said...

I think the economic pressure placed on the country from illegals who don't pay taxes for the services they receive is of a greater threat than Bin Laden ever was, though I 100% support our wars in the middle east.

BernardL said...

They've bankrupted our hospital emergency rooms out here in California, Matt. They've loaded our schools, hospitals, and prisons along with bleeding into our welfare state so you're definitely not far off.