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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ghost Video

This lady and her family claim to be terrorized by a ghost that throws silverware on the floor, turns the lights on and off, and moves things around Ghost Story. The video she shot of the ghost opening a closet door and moving a chair could be faked easily, but watching it is still a kick. The family is sure jumping through a lot of hoops to get their fifteen minutes of fame if that’s what they’re doing.

Here's a YouTube comic's explanation video.  :)


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Water Powered Space Flight

A trip to Mars aboard electrothermal water powered engines at the cost of one shuttle launch is now a reality according to software engineer Brian McConnell Water Craft. Putting together this space coach with inflatable modules like the ones already in use created by Bigelow Aerospace would use chemical propulsion only if a change in direction or emergency maneuvering was needed. Kept in orbit, repaired in orbit, and even visualized as mining needed water or minerals from various space targets like Mars moon Phobos, these low thrust voyagers could be kept in service for decades inexpensively.

Okay… I admit it. I’m intrigued with these simple far reaching projects for space travel. Imagination sometimes stomps illusions prematurely but I can keep an open mind to this kind of optimistic endeavor. There are a few very real problems, which are already proven barriers for human deep space flight. We already know human bodies degenerate in space. We also have not perfected adequate shielding against dangerous gamma radiation. This idea of space ships powered by water is a lot better concept for contemplation than reactor leaks in Japan and war though.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Al Qaeda's Air Wing

We’ve come full circle in our war against Al Qaeda with the debacle in Libya. Our Armed Forces are defending and acting as the air wing for Libyan rebels who as this article points out have elements of Al Qaeda fighters back from their stint killing our troops in Iraq. This comes from terrorist leader/Libyan Rebel Abdel-Hakim al Hasidi’s interview with an Italian newspaper Terrorist. The intervention on behalf of our sworn enemies we have been fighting over a decade is without doubt the dumbest excursion forced on our nation’s military since Bill Clinton hyped us into an air war in the Balkans to get his Lewinski tryst out of the headlines. Clinton claimed we’d be out of there by Christmas in the same year. He also claimed solidarity with the poor, downtrodden Albanians who are recruited regularly by Al Qaeda as their light skinned wing of terrorist infiltrators. We’re still there.

Now, we’re being told it’s just a matter of days before we step back from Libya. That we are there at all, defending our enemies, with military assets paid for by American taxpayers with kids still fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan is the absolute height of absurdity. If nothing else comes out of this morass, I hope we can at least find out the name of whoever pulled the strings that launched us into it. I have no doubt the jackass responsible for it made a compelling case of absolute crap in selling this project and should be given a trial in front of a military tribunal. It is still the actual definition of treason to lend aid and comfort to the enemy. That’s exactly what is being done in Libya.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Another Scientific Affront

This very strange article starts out with a Jason Chamberlain looking over a flock of about 50 sheep, many of them possessing partially human livers, hearts, brains and other organs Animal Donors. Huh?! It goes on to explain how scientists have been injecting DNA into animals organs before birth in hopes of pioneering a way to grow replacement parts. Man, I don’t know where all this is going but I hope I’m not around when they get there. The article is good fodder for the fiction writer though. I’ve already come up with some horrific scenarios when ‘Animals Attack’.  :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Thorium Reactor Technology

In light of the earthquake/tsunami/nuclear crisis in Japan this news from China about developing Thorium reactors should probably be on every front page in the world Thorium. The technology was pioneered by physicists at Oak Ridge Lab back in the 1960’s but for some unknown reason (like maybe it couldn’t be used as a bomb) the US abandoned the technology. The waste is a thousand times less and shutdown is immediate in the event of a disaster. Thorium is as common as lead and easily attainable. If China’s claims about this new type energy generator prove true it may mean a revolution in new energy producing plants. I believe the Japanese people would be open to a conversion to Thorium based reactors. Anywhere in the world where natural disasters can’t be predicted or contained would be common sense candidates for this new tech. If China can do this with technology stolen from the Oak Ridge Lab boys, I’m sure we could easily launch this new wave of energy.

On the war front, the Arab League after getting their minions in the UN to scramble up an air war over a Libyan civil war where we are the enemy to both sides, they announced opposition to it now. In other words, we’re the bad guys again. Putin from Russia compares it to Medieval crusades where foppish instigators drummed up visions of freeing people and shadowy atrocities being committed. China’s media is of course working us over as the aggressors. We are full bore now into a lose/lose situation. We’re being denounced on all sides. If Gaddafi wins, we lose, and atrocities will be committed. If the Islamist rebels win, we lose, and atrocities will be committed. I don’t get it. If President Obama wanted a military action with our interests in mind how about a full scale air war against the Somali Pirates. He’d have our entire nation backing him on that one.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Libyan Intervention Bad, Radiation Suit Good

Unfortunately, it looks like President Obama has decided to interfere along with the UN to take sides in the Libyan civil war. I hope he reconsiders because I see no good coming from the Islamist rebels at all except terrorist exporting and a renewed nuke program.

On the good news front, here’s an American company donating radiation suits to Japan. I had no idea these weren’t a staple for nuclear plants but apparently they aren’t. The self-sacrificing Japanese workers battling the reactor meltdowns have nothing like this suit made by a Florida company. They’ll have two hundred of them now, thanks to this company’s humanitarian aid. I hope they sell a million of the suits thanks to this selfless act. The video here Radiation Suit explains how this material works. I pray the Japanese have them in their hands quickly. They’ll need them.