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Thursday, January 27, 2011


Inspired by my friend Jordan Summers who just self published her vampire story Paris After Dark I decided to put my espionage terror epic MONSTER for sale on Kindle. I had fun doing it and I know the novel wasn't getting picked up by New York anytime soon. :) It’s less than a buck for a lot of reading. Most of my friends here read it on my blog where I edited the long but fast paced adventure. But for any folks seeing this blog for the first time, here’s the link MONSTER and a blurb for it:

They needed a monster to get a little girl back. They imprisoned him for the way he did it. Now they need the monster again to do what he does best.
FBI Special Agent Diane Reskova waited with her team for a tracker to arrive on site in the Caribou Wilderness of California. A psychopath pursued unsuccessfully for two years by Reskova’s team had kidnapped California Senator Fred Hokanson’s niece, dragging her into the surrounding mountains. Hokanson recruits Jeremiah McDaniels unbeknownst to Reskova as the tracker. McDaniels, a Delta Force Colonel with CIA background, leads the FBI agents after Hughes. Ditching Reskova and her team, McDaniels saves Hokanson’s niece and beheads her kidnapper, Stanton Hughes.
After an off-hand remark McDaniels makes concerning a movie while accepting blame for the Hughes’ fiasco, the press label him ‘Cold Mountain’. Taken into custody on Reskova’s orders, McDaniels avoids prison by public outcry and Senator Hokanson’s intervention. With Hokanson’s shadowy sponsorship, McDaniels becomes the enforcement arm of Reskova’s team. With Kumar Rasheed, an Iraqi whose family McDaniels had saved during the second Iraq war, McDaniels supplies Reskova with a weapon she has neither asked for nor condones.
Funneled between America and Iraq, McDaniels stays one step ahead of American bureaucrats more interested in appearances than the safety of the country. Reskova, at first repulsed by McDaniels’ methods, soon embraces both the enigmatic McDaniels and his tactics. Reskova threads McDaniels and his Iraqi comrade Kumar Rasheed into her anti-terrorism unit with murderous result. McDaniels’ background and deadly skills become a point of fascination for the bewildered Reskova as her attraction to McDaniels quickly rivals her dedication to the FBI.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Loose Lizard

Animal control sent Jenny Selter out on a lizard in the garden call. She ended up staring at a five foot long monitor lizard from Africa Monitor. With the help of a police officer on scene she netted and tucked the garden intruder into her truck. They think it’s someone’s pet. I read where monitors will eat anything they can overpower and they’re carnivorous. There’s some good news for the pet owner in the middle of the night stumbling around in the kitchen for a glass of water who has forgotten to feed ‘Monty’ the monitor that day. In the picture above check out the look on the Chihuahua’s face in the background. The dog’s thinking ‘get that thing a ticket back to Nairobi’.  :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Dr. Kermit Gosnell is a monster. For the past thirty years he performed very late term abortions for the right price Hell On Earth. He induced labor into the sixth, seventh, and eight month of a pregnancy with the babies being born alive. He then murdered them by cutting their spinal cords with scissors. The authorities caught this butcher when investigating his ‘clinic’ for illegal drugs, finding instead bags and bottles containing aborted babies scattered throughout the building with smaller bottles containing toes for no medical purpose. Charged with the murder of seven babies and one young woman Gosnell seemed confused about being charged for the babies. After all, he’d murdered hundreds of babies in the same fashion during his thirty year ‘practice’ and serviced many inhuman creatures over his long reign of infanticide seeking to rid themselves of an inconvenient burden. I’m sure Gosnell wondered why he was the only monster on trial.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Best Buddies

A Costa Rican named Chito enters the water and taps the surface with his hand, calling out Pocho, Pocho, Pocho. Seventeen foot long Pocho the Crocodile answers the call like a pet Cocker Spaniel, only with a lot more teeth My Mate Pocho. The two put on a wrestling act for tourists ending with Chito giving his buddy Pocho a big hug. The fisherman rescued the big croc with a bullet wound, nursed him for six months and tried to set him free. Pocho wouldn’t go. They’ve been together ever since. As one commenter to the article pointed out, this story will have a good ending as long as Pocho has a full belly.  :)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Tatooine You

If the Global Warming Acolytes worry over mankind causing the miniscule .03% CO2 contributes to earth’s atmosphere, they’ll really be tearing their hair out over the fact a red super-giant star in Orion’s nebula – Betelgeuse will likely go supernova with the effects reaching earth by 2012 Two Climate Disruptors. We will as the article points out have two suns in the sky like in the Star Wars movie. Since our sun is the only proven cause of global warming, when it’s nefarious buddy Betelgeuse comes on the scene Al Gore and the high priests and priestesses of Carbon Market Trading will have to invent a new way to blame mankind for whatever bad boy Betelgeuse causes. I need to get my imagination working overtime for a way to invent my own climate scam to accompany the arrival of Bad B. I don’t even need a Montecito Mansion like the Goreacle. Scamming enough for a nice place down in Monterey, CA on the beach for my golden years would be just fine.  :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bad Snort

From the stranger than fiction file comes this story of teen burglars breaking into a house and stealing a man’s ashes along with the ashes of two Great Dane dogs Stupid is as Stupid does. These geniuses thought the ashes to be cocaine and snorted some. I don’t know about what others may think about this but I’d like to use the Quantum Time Teleport from yesterday’s news item for correcting this obvious mistake in the gene pool. If I could beam backwards and find the parents, at least the mothers, of these offspring I’d show them this news article starring their future sons. Reading this story might get them paying very close attention to birth control. On the bright side, at least the news stories are supplying a basis for our science breakthroughs.