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Friday, September 20, 2013

Book Three in the HARD CASE series: VOYAGE OF THE DAMNED

Good and bad news in writing land. The ‘Book Killers’ are still poisoning the Amazon Marketplace. My novel PEACE has been doing better and better in sales, so I knew when my ranking started dropping into the popular zone, I’d be getting another one star hit piece soon. This one was a little comical though because reviewer Captain Chas claimed it sucked from the first ten pages. Because PEACE is nearly 700 pages long, Amazon gives the reader SEVEN full chapters free to sample. The Captain could have at least claimed it sucked from the first seven plus chapters on.  :)
Enough with the bad news. On the good front, I just wrote The End to a new novel, which is the third installment in my HARD CASE series, titled VOYAGE OF THE DAMNED. It’s nearly 103,000 words, so it’s a bit longer than my first two books in the series. The dreaded editing process begins tomorrow with release in October. For now, I’ll celebrate finishing another target to annoy the Book Killers with.  :)

Monday, September 9, 2013

Indie Book of the Day Winner: HARD CASE

I received some good news on the writing front. My novel HARD CASE won the IBD Indie Book of the Day Award for today – 9/9/2013. It’s kind of just in time, because I went over 80,000 words in book three of the HARD CASE series called Hard Case III: Voyage of the Damned. I have a cover for it too that my partner RJ Parker likes. We’ll be announcing it and promoting shortly before its October release. I’m hoping this third book in the Hard Case series does as well as the first two. RICK CANTELLI, P.I. has been doing very well too since its release. It helps to have something positive.