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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Cold Blooded Book II: Killer Moves Pre-order

My sequel to Cold Blooded - Cold Blooded Book II: Killer Moves is now listed for pre-order from Amazon in both Kindle book and Paperback editions. It finished at over a 121,000 words. It has all the key players from the first novel in another humorous and violent thrill ride, all for $2.99.

Nick McCarty comes out of retirement at the urging of his partner, Gus Nason. The wheels fall off the McCarty assassin wagon when after a difficult hit overseas, he looks into a teacher’s problematic family troubles at the urging of his step-daughter, Jean. In no time at all, the bodies are piling up, and the tendrils threatening both Nick’s family, along with his bestselling author status spread at record speed. A stone-cold killer with family and friends is a dangerous business. When bad people threaten Nick’s Pacific Grove home, it becomes a deadly business. Nick’s up to the mark, with his family and friends holding on tight for yet another McCarty journey into darkness. :)

Killer Moves

Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Novel Finish and an Interview

This week will see the finish of Cold Blooded Book II: Killer Moves. I’ve reached the 114k word mark, so the end is in sight. It will be available for pre-order on May 1st, and released on May 24th as planned. When the editing process begins this weekend, I will also start writing the third book in my Rick Cantelli, P.I. series. It’s never a good idea to take a break from writing. Writing a new novel while editing a finished novel eases the process, giving me a break when the editing gets tedious. Also, with the new commandment now in place for writers, ‘Write or Disappear’, gains made with prior publications can evaporate right before our eyes if we don’t keep at our passionate pursuit.  :)

BTS E-mag did an interview with me a few days ago. They have a wonderful publication with reasonable ad rates, and a host of marketing options for their bi-monthly on-line magazine. With stories, reviews, and interviews, BTS publishes the most entertaining E-mag available. If anyone would like to take a look at the interview they did with me, here’s the link.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Cold Blooded Book II: Killer Moves Cover

I'll be nearing a 100,000 words in my sequel to Cold Blooded Book II: Killer Moves by the end of the weekend. This is the cover I think we'll be going with.

Nick’s partner, Gus Nason, thinks Nick may be going slowly crazy trying to retire as a reclusive bestselling author. Gus assumes even with Nick’s wife Rachel pregnant, and walking Jean and Deke the dog to school, Nick will become a danger if not pursuing what he does best: killing people. Gus quickly regrets his influence over his partner, when the first time out of the retirement chute, Nick’s contract on Sheik Abdul Nazari begins a chain of events he never envisioned. Nick incorporates only one guideline in his life - he has a handful of people and a canine pal he protects at all costs. An unwitting number of people decide to test what they think is Nick’s weakness. It proves to be a fatal error in judgment.