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Friday, May 28, 2010

Arizona School News

Apparently the new Arizona law is having the effect of influencing illegal aliens to leave the state. Although the article below works really hard to equate the fleeing illegal aliens with refugees escaping the death camps, it inadvertently illustrates the actual plusses of this law very well. Let’s start with this:
“About 170,000 of Arizona's 1 million K-12 students are children of immigrants and include both citizens and non-citizens, according to a 2009 Pew Hispanic Center study.
For every net decline of one student, a school loses an average of $4,404 in state money. The total amount of funding for the 170,000 children of immigrants is about $749 million, or 16 percent, of the state's education budget.”

I beg to differ with this assessment. The net decline of one student means $4,404 in state money that will not need to be spent. This means a $4,404 per student the taxpayers will not have to foot the bill for. It also means illegal alien parents leaving jobs which should be and will be filled by American citizens. It also means $4,404 less the school needs. Instead of whining about the drop in enrollment, the school authorities should be heralding the amount of time and money saved. Of course to the media any taxpayer savings for not educating people here illegally is racist. One family in the article claims to be fleeing to New Mexico. The article makes this seem like something that should cause Arizona to repeal their law. It makes me think New Mexico better hurry up and pass one of their own.

Let’s take a look at one other statement by a school superintendant – a taxpayer paid representative of the state of Arizona:
"When you lose kids, you lose money," Balsz Superintendent Jeffrey Smith said. "It gives you less to work with."
Fire this incompetent. It will mean a job for another educator who holds the Arizona taxpayer in higher regard than an illegal alien. Reducing budgets for illegal aliens leaving the state is an economic certainty. Making the reduced budgets work in time will make it much more difficult for the travesty of the Arizona taxpayers funding the education of a 170,000 illegal aliens or anchor babies. Let’s add to the mix a 170,000 plus parents who will not be bilking the Arizona system in free medical care and assorted other welfare related expenses. Contrary to making me sad for the invaders as was intended, this article makes me wonder why it took so long for the state to give its real citizens a break from this horrendous expense. Oh yeah… I remember… Janet Napolitano was the Governor before.


Charles Gramlich said...

Goes to show how statistics are really pretty meaningless. They can be spun in many directions. It's the underlying philosophy that is important to consider

BernardL said...

It's good news for the Arizona taxpayer, Charles. We have nearly the same law in California but there are so many sanctuary cities and mayors working for the illegal aliens and against us peon taxpayers that it thwarts the will of over 70% of Californians wanting it enforced to the letter. That's why we're bankrupt out here. Our prisons in California have over a 100,000 illegal alien criminals. Our hospitals, schools, and welfare systems are being bilked of billions for treating and educating illegal aliens. While Arizona enforcement shows immediate positive benefits, California is a bleak illustration of non-enforcement.

Bernita said...

Geese, it's like a rock that's been turned over.

BernardL said...

Arizona is taking a stand, Bernita, and Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has the guts to act as the conduit for her state citizens' outrage. It's beginning to catch fire across the nation.

whydibuy said...

I'd have to agree that when the paying populace begins getting poorer over this illegal activity and are told that thier services and benefits will be reduced over the illegal leeches, then they get vocal.

As long as the expanding economy was able to generate enough revenue to sustain both the leeches and the payers services, things were quiet. But when the payer is told they'll have to take less over the leeches draining resources, then the payers move politically.

To me thats the real catalyst in AZ. The economic contraction tide going out has revealed the scope of the leeches expense.

BernardL said...

I agree with your assessment, whydibuy. Fear is starting to creep up the list after that rancher's death though.