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Friday, May 14, 2010

Dangerous Lightweight

Attorney General Eric Holder commented on the Arizona illegal immigration law on Thursday. He made two things clear, one surprising, and one as predictable as night falling on a shadowed land. Mr. Holder told the truth. This in itself from a guy bending over backwards to invent rights for non-citizen terrorists while endangering New York City with a three ring circus set of trials definitely surprises me. He admitted to not reading the Arizona legislation which he so vociferously denounced, further stating he criticized it using what he read in the papers. This admission surprises me not at all. I’ve read the critiques of the bill by its adversaries. They all contain the same obfuscations, distortions, and outright lies La Raza (The Race) came out with when the bill was first introduced. This outing of AG Holder’s lazy, offhand approach to his law enforcement post as the President’s top legal advisor should make every citizen uneasy. C’mon, Mr. Holder, it’s not that hard, buddy. It didn’t take me long to find the actual law and read it Mr. Attorney General of the United States. You can do it, Sir. Have your assistants read it to you. That way, when it comes time for you to explain exactly what reservations you have with a law you have ripped in public you won’t be revealed as the intellectually vacant ideologue you are.


Charles Gramlich said...

Pretty bad when a politiican can't even have the bill read to him that he wants to criticize. Not surprising, though.

BernardL said...

I'm sure it was a slip up for him to have admitted it, Charles. How difficult would it have been to simply keep his mouth shut until he actually read the bill or had someone read it to him? I'm sure he could have formulated some made up baloney spin with his La Raza talking points. By denouncing Arizona's law without reading it and admitting he based his statements on news article conjecture, Holder has cast himself as an imbecile who doesn't understand he's the highest law officer in the land next to the President. As you say... not surprising.

Bernita said...

I'm surprised to see the media gleefully pointing out that he denounced it before he read it.

whydibuy said...

Reminds me of what Justice Scalia once said about SCOTUS rulings.

He commented about newspaper editorials and articles talking about a recent court decision in totally wrong terms.
To him it indicated that none of these talking heads even read the decision. The analysis was so off from what was in the opinion.

I've found that if you want to know an opinion or law, read it yourself. So often you get a stupidly distorted or worse, ill informed comment about such matters.

For so called pro journalism, I sure see some dizzy viewpoints on laws readily available if a reporter actually wanted to investigate the issue. It was clear they did not.

So why should we be surprised that the U.S. A.G. is making a comment on a law without even understanding it. I guess these days if it doesn't fit within a 30 sec soundbite, people prefer to stay ignorant on the matter.

BernardL said...

I agree, whydibuy. In Holder's case he scanned the talking points from La Raza and denounced the Arizona law as expected. Then he made the mistake of placing himself where someone asked him the golden question of what exactly in the Arizona law was racist or unconstitutional. Holder froze up because of course he had no idea what the heck was actually in the bill, hence the truth inadvertently popping out in truly embarrassing form.

BernardL said...

I believe the media was stunned at Holder's admission too, Bernita. They didn't know what to do with it other than mention it and hope no one noticed.