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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Terror Priorities

US District Judge Victoria Roberts released the Hutaree militia members pending trial. After Judge Roberts heard the rambling testimony of the FBI’s supposed undercover operative who couldn’t even remember details of what she was testifying about, Judge Roberts decided the goofy garbled audio recordings of this Hutaree group planning violence against the government was insufficient to revoke bail. Parts of the recordings included the FBI’s operative leading the conversations. Judge Roberts was not impressed. "This so-called speech—never delivered outside the van—speaks of reclaiming America, not overthrowing the United States government," Roberts said. Lest anyone think this is a rightwing nutcase judge, handpicked by white supremacists, Judge Roberts is an African/American Clinton appointee to the bench.

The Hutaree militia setup brings me to my main point. Would it not be more relevant if our FBI concentrated on vetting naturalized Middle Eastern citizens disappearing back into homelands like Pakistan for five months as the accused Times Square Bomber Faisal Shahzad did? As the ‘data mining’ operations open this critical investigation into an International case involving foreign terrorist plots with real enemies, maybe now would be a good time for the FBI to stop chasing manufactured ones. When keeping track of people, including naturalized citizens who return to their homelands like Pakistan, Syria, Iran, etc, would it not be a good idea to keep in mind the usual vacation from work is two weeks. When these folks disappear for five months into the back regions of Pakistan like Faisal did would it not be a good preventative terrorist measure to keep an eye on him upon reentry into our nation? I believe the Department of Justice could use the funds they waste on setting up backwoods Christians to do just that. As Judge Roberts pointed out in the Hutaree case – it is not training for the overthrow of the United States when a group goes out twice a year using legal firearms and ammunition to fire at dirt mounds.


whydibuy said...

That whole case just smacks of over reaching by some pee on in the FBI trying to make a name by busting this " terror" group.

How its still even an ongoing case is a mystery to me. It should have been dismisseed by now. Any prosecutor would see the gov has no case and drop this nonsense.

Right off it sounded rediculous, some guys in fatigues shooting guns in the woods badmouthing the gov. All sounds perfectly legal to me. Heck, I know lots of guys who do that. I'm one of 'em.

This shows they are right to be suspicious of the gov. Apparently expressing a dislike about the gov is now subversive activity.

BernardL said...

I don’t belong to a militia, whydibuy, but I’m well aware of what the government did to Randy Weaver’s family at Ruby Ridge and the seventy-six men, women, and children killed at Waco. At Ruby Ridge the government setup Weaver by duping him into sawing off two shotgun barrels and then subsequently making a weapons charge against him. That dubious tactic put into place a siege where Weaver’s wife and eleven year old son were murdered by federal agents, one of them an ATF sniper who shot Weaver’s wife through the head while she held his ten month old baby.

At Waco, the government suspected David Koresh of polygamy and sex with a minor. Their resulting siege at Waco led to the seventy-six deaths already mentioned. Twenty of the Branch-Davidians were shot while trying to escape the fire by FBI sharpshooters. Five of the twenty were children.

Those events are in our past but distrust of government actions still thankfully exists. I’ve wondered over the years why with all the real bad guys around, throughout the gangs in our cities and embedded terrorist cells as the ones arrested in recent months, why it is the FBI feels the need to create threats. We have a real war for them to fight. Why start one with our own citizens?

Charles Gramlich said...

the manufacturing of evidence is nothing new. Sometimes it seems a little more sophisticated. At other times not.

BernardL said...

Those Hutaree members are really lucky they have a judge presiding that is giving them a fair shake, Charles. I don't know what they're guilty of if anything, but at least this judge isn't going to let them get railroaded.