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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Demon V: Dark Illusion - Release Day!

RJ Parker Publishing Inc released my latest addition to the Mike Rawlins and Demon Series. Humorous, violent, paranormal, and definitely politically incorrect, Mike, Demon, Mongo the Haunt and the Demon Inc crew take on all threats foreign and domestic. Here's the blurb, link, and cover.

Demon V: Dark Illusion blends a new power into the mix for Mike, caused by yet another Haunt wound suffered in the final battle with the Haunts. The Demon Inc crew learn in nightmarish and humorous terms about the new power, as Mike demonstrates his ability to alter the perception of reality. As Demon jokingly cautions Mike to rein in his power, before the authorities truly exile them to a dungeon in Middle Earth, guarded by Sauron and the Orcs, Mike drags friends and paranormal brothers Demon and Mongo into action against evil, both paranormal and politically correct. Las Vegas becomes a focal point for Haunt infected apparitions the crew calls Bad Caspers. Sin City wants them gone and who you goin’ to call – Demon Inc.

Demon V: Dark Illusion

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Uncaged Book Reviews and Dark Illusion - Finished

I finished Demon V: Dark Illusion last night. It ended at about 93K words. Next, starting today will be Rick Cantelli P.I. Book V. I’ll be editing Dark Illusion all day and getting some writing done in Rick Cantelli V too. My good friend, Cyrene Olson, publishes a romance E-mag titled Uncaged Book Reviews. I did an interview and feature for her September issue which was published today with an excerpt from my Dhampir novel Blood Lust. If you love romance, check out Cyrene's blog and E-mag. They are superbly done.