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Friday, December 18, 2015

Christmas Crossover Event!

I have resisted any crossover between series teams in the past, but I thought of an idea creating an early prequel link between Nick McCarty and John Harding. This Christmas short story in RJ Parker Publishing's newsletter crosses my 'Cold Blooded' and 'Hard Case' series characters from a point earlier than either series. I believe the fans of the 'Cold Blooded' and 'Hard Case' series will enjoy the free prequel to a crossover in present day times bringing the two teams together in 'Hard Case Book VII: Red Waves' I'm contemplating now for a possible May or June release. Let RJ and I know what you think of the prequel story. Merry Christmas! 

RJ Parker Publishing Newsletter

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Dhampir Update and Series Links

My new paranormal creation, tentatively titled Dhampir, will reach nearly 30K words by tonight. The action and humor are there with a bit of romance. Background story of how my main character, Jedidiah Israel Blake, came into being proceeded well without huge info dumps. He's going to be quite a character. His partner since childhood, Erin Constanza, will not be a cardboard cutout either, nor will his Mom and Grandparents. I wanted to update progress on the new novel along with providing links to the Hard Case, Cold Blooded, Rick Cantelli, P.I., and Demon series pages. Their first books in the series are at reduced prices for now. Cold Blooded V: Nightmare in Red has been garnering great reviews. The fans of the series are seeing everything I had hoped they would. Here are the series pages on Amazon.

Cold Blooded Series Page

Hard Case

Rick Cantelli, P.I.