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Friday, August 28, 2015

Trophy for 2014 Short Story of the Year from BTS Book Reviews E-mag

I want to thank my friend Myra Nour, CEO of BTSReviews E-mag for sponsoring the writing contest in 2014 I entered with my short story ‘The Reunion’. I was very fortunate to win First Place in the short story category amongst many talented writers. Their awards ceremony pictures showed it to be a wonderful event in New Orleans I could not unfortunately attend. Myra was nice enough to ship me my award which came while I was on a backpacking excursion. Thank you, Myra, for a great contest and having the best E-mag on the internet for writers/publishers advertising their wares. The BTS Reviews E-mag is also a reader favorite for news, reviews, columns, and new novels.

Rick Cantelli, P.I. Book IV: Shades of Death is at 72K words now, and going into the home stretch. The body count, violence, and humor are all there with a little romance mixed into my Pulp Fiction series addition.  :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Rick Cantelli P.I. Book IV: Shades of Death

I’m reaching the 62K word mark in Rick Cantelli, P.I. Book IV: Shades of Death. It’s on schedule for late September. Kathryn McCarthy of Aeternum Designs is working on new covers for all the Cantelli series. Her new designs for my Cold Blooded series really made a difference.

In Shades of Death, Rick and Lo try to protect a reality TV star better known for her selfie pictures on Twitter than her acting ability. She’s run afoul of a world class financier disrupting economies in countries, ordering deaths, and owning politicians everywhere. He thinks he’s above any law until he crosses Rick and Lo.

The clash between Cantelli-land and Jorge Boros Empire also draws out an old card from the deck in the person of Faruk Ezon, a world class assassin with past history with the Madigan/Cantelli team from their old CIA days. With new movies starring Temple Donovan and Rick’s Grandson Jim, coupled with gang and serial rapist problems, Rick and Lo are right back where they belong, locked and loaded. It’s another pulp fiction adventure for my favorite 7th decade private eyes.  :)

Hard Case VI: The Killer Inside is also still in new release too.  :)


Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Reunion (First Place)

My romantic comedy short story ‘The Reunion’ won first place in the Book Trailers Showcase Reviews E-mag Red Carpet Awards for 2014 in the short story category. It was held in New Orleans, but I was unable to attend unfortunately. I’m certain the event was incredible. If not for prior commitments I would have been honored to attend. Although I’ve blogged the story before. Here is the link to the February 2014 issue of BTS reviews E-mag with my story ‘The Reunion’ on page 39. It was a fun story to write and I liked the characters a lot. Thanks to Myra Nour, BTS CEO for a wonderful competition.

Now on Sale at Amazon!  :)

John Harding and his Monster Squad, after a bloody interlude defending their newly formed Oaktown Cartel, get word of a kidnapped Navy Seal. The violent kidnapping intervention leads to at sea combat preventing the nuclear devastation of the Northwestern seaboard, complete with helicopter kill missions against Isis compounds.

Already signed to fight as a fill in at the Mandalay Bay Arena against new UFC phenomenon, The Berserker, Harding discovers a New York Russian mobster plans to target his family. The Dark Lord reaches inward for the killer inside to survive with no mercy asked and none given.