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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Blame Game

Blaming Presidents for natural and man-made disasters is like blaming washing the car for a rainstorm. Just as I did not blame President Bush because hurricane Katrina swept through the Gulf states, and Louisiana happened to be run by the most incompetent boobs ever assembled in one locality, I do not blame President Obama because incompetent morons at BP decided to use seawater instead of special fluid on the deep water oil rig. What in the heck is President Obama supposed to do with the oil well leak? Experts are working day and night to find a way to plug this leak and I am confident of that. Unfortunately they have not been successful yet. I wonder about the intelligence of people calling for Obama to do something. Like what, send in the military to bomb the oil spill? He may be getting bad advice on hesitating when Louisiana Governor Jindal wanted to create a sand barrier off the Louisiana coast. Although I disagree with many things President Obama does I know there isn’t a person on earth who wants the oil leak plugged more than him. He’s beginning to understand how President Bush felt during Katrina as he gets blamed for a catastrophe he didn’t cause and must rely on the best possible advice and professionals under him to solve. I’m praying the problem solvers find a solution soon.


Charles Gramlich said...

I agree absolutely. People act sometimes as if the President should be changing their diapers to make sure they don't get diaper rash. It's ridiculous. but at least part of it is some folks tryin to make political hay by throwing mud at whoever is not their candidate in office.

whydibuy said...

It is a recent phemonenon to somehow expect the president to micro manage the entire economy and all business. In decades past, the president hardly was involved at all save for a few big decisions.

It struck me during 911 and how the media was all over Bush about his so called slow reaction. They loved how he finished his story book to the kids after being told there was a incident ongoing.

They ( media ) totally overlooked the great job the gov agencies did at the time without being told every small item to do by the president.
The media doesn't seem to understand that we have competent people below the president too.
The FAA acted quickly to ground all planes and scramble fighter jets.

No, instead of rejoicing at the prudent and efficient actions of the authorities below the president, they spin it politically that the president didn't micro manage each and every move.

Bernita said...

Bernard, you are so right!
And so are Charles and Whydibuy.

BernardL said...

"People act sometimes as if the President should be changing their diapers to make sure they don't get diaper rash." They sure do, Charles.

That is true, whydibuy. The forces below the President moved with practiced speed. The media picked their side after the attack. It's too bad it wasn't America's.

I'm hoping with Obama on plugging this oil leak, Bernita. It's in the hands of the people who have the expertise to do it but they've never faced anything like this before.