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Monday, February 28, 2011

New Energy

A Massachusetts’ company invented a genetically-engineered organism capable of using sunlight, CO2, and water to secrete diesel or ethanol fuel by process of photosynthesis Miracle?. This would be head and shoulders above disastrous windmill farms, previous solar powered devices, and hydrogen battery hybrid vehicles. Remember, combustion produces CO2, thereby producing the most important ingredient this organism needs to work its magic. When you read the article, this company’s competitors say there are problems, but the inventors will be starting a production site for demonstration and the lead guy expects to deliver just what he promises.

This will of course be yet another blow to the Goreacle and Holy Global Warming acolytes everywhere. If this Massachusetts company produces what they claim and it creates the much sought after ‘energy independence’ we can walk away from the Middle East oil extortionists without a backward glance. We could also stop producing hydrogen cell technology hybrids and so-called electric cars that require ten times the carbon footprint they claim to save. This is colossal news if it proves to be true in reality.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Kiss of the Spider

Police in Dortmund, Germany found the body of a thirty year old man in his apartment draped in spider webs while being eaten by spiders, lizards, termites, snakes, and an assorted number of other species of creepy-crawlers Yuck!. The spokesman for the police claimed it was like a scene from a horror movie with spiders and such crawling out of the guy’s crevices with the lizards having torn chunks of flesh off. His apartment was described as a jungle where he never allowed visitors. Yeah, I’m really sure he had people clamoring to get in there. The victim is survived by his pet black widow spider, Bettina – she was also suspected to be the one who administered the killing sting. I’ve heard of neighbors from hell before but this guy took the term to the undiscovered country of neighbors to avoid at all cost.

The God awful part of this real life horror tale begins shortly after the lovely Bettina administers her deadly kiss. Our Dortmund hero, Mark Voegel, lies down on his couch, weakening rapidly from his encounter with pet Bettina. Moments later Mark discovers he can no longer move his limbs. He then remembers he hasn’t fed his menagerie for a while. Fading in and out of consciousness as his body becomes cocooned while every manner of nightmarish thing crawls, slithers and feeds on him for what must have seemed an eternity, Mr. Voegel undoubtedly at some point questioned his choice in roommates. His roommates however were quite happy with him right to the end. Yeah, I know… eeeeeeeeuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh…

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Time Wave

The Nilson Brothers Garage time warp crashed into reality again yesterday. I took a phone call in the office from a man I will refer to as Honda Redux.

“Hi, is this Bernie?”

I’d just greeted him with my usual ‘Nilson Brothers Garage, Bernie speaking, may I help you?’ so indeed it was me.  :) “Yes, Sir, how may I help you?”

“I brought my Honda into you seven or eight years ago for an alternator problem. An old customer of yours recommended you.” He mentioned my old customer’s name and even Mr. Redux’s name seemed familiar. “My 1980 Honda Civic has the same problem with the red battery light on the dash. Can I bring it in for you to check it out?”

“Sure. Drop it off and I’ll find out what’s wrong. You probably have the diagnosis right. When the red battery light comes on it usually means a diode leaking voltage back into the dash from the alternator.”

“I’ll be down in about twenty minutes.”

So, we say our goodbyes and I go searching my very complete data base and find Mr. Redux’s invoice within minutes. He had an alternator and regulator replaced in January of 1997. I pluck the hard copy out of the filing cabinet and await Mr. Redux. When he comes in I show him it’s been fourteen years since I last saw him and his 1980 Honda. We share a laugh at the ‘time flying’ business while I’m enjoying the time warp wave once again. One entertaining part of being in the same place working a service business for thirty-five years is the way the time concept wavers in and out of the shop’s reality. It’s like being one of those gatekeepers in the Twilight Zone.  :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Writing News

Some good news on the writing front. The novel I wrote here on the blog titled COLD BLOODED finally is in editing stages again with a replacement editor after a couple years in limbo at Wild Child Publishing. They had a turnover of staff and my first editor disappeared… and no it wasn’t because she was editing my book. :) Best of all, the replacement editor loves violence and really likes my storyline. That’s reassuring because COLD BLOODED is a bloody story about an assassin who uses his writing career as a cover, and inadvertently becomes the protector of a woman, her young daughter, and a dog named Deke. The violent scenes reveal the deadly nearly psychopathic flaw in Nick, while showing Rachel and Jean’s slow loss of aversion to his dark side. In contrasting this loss of innocence on their parts with his increasing devotion to them and Deke, my main premise only works if allowed to show these stark incongruities. Anyway, it may actually come to fruition in the coming years. Yeah, I know. I’m not being very optimistic. :)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Another Climate Con Bust

As a follow-up to yesterday’s blog on Climate Con, the SEC arrested the top echelon of CO2 Tech which is affiliated with another organization of carbon credit trader frauds titled Red Sea Management LTD out of Costa Rica Busted. The scam, called ‘Pump and Dump’, consists of fake connections with legitimate businesses used by these carbon marketeers to inflate prices of their imaginary product stock before dumping them at huge profits. In this case they ripped off seven million dollars of investors’ money. It’s difficult for me to drum up sympathy for these brainwashed Global Warming sheep getting sheared in the carbon market where they purport to save the planet by trading imaginary goods. What’s a mystery to me is how the authorities cherry pick criminals from this humongous total fraud. Please folks, don’t invest in anything that trades in empty air. If a company doesn’t make a product that you can handle and see or provide servicing of products you can handle and see, they’re making hype not product. These bandits in Climate Con are dangerous to your economic wellbeing. There’s a reason the Goreacle’s Chicago Climate Exchange crashed and burned. They traded stock in air, not product.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bug Warming

Those whacky scientists of the global warming/climate change con have come up with some great ideas once again to go along with a new disaster GW is causing. First up - toxic algae and bacteria will be polluting our seas and lakes everywhere in the next ten years Crapolla. There's a simple explanation as to why GW acolytes are going for broke on this latest scare-o-rama: they know once a world tax is in place it's nearly impossible to get rid of. Their arguments now get refuted on a daily basis coupled with world record cold fronts and snow. They needed an immediate apocalypse of some kind to rekindle the dying climate catastrophe embers. Blaming acne, earthquakes, hurricanes, cooling, warming, tornadoes, tidal waves, growing glaciers, shrinking glaciers, dogs and cats living together... nothing has worked lately to further the con. Enter toxic algae and bacteria, maiming our waterways, torturing all life on earth to extinction... IN THE NEXT TEN YEARS! We can stop this of course. How, you ask? Money... our money... not the Goreacle's... us peons' without mansions and titles will be warring to stop this imaginary menace with the money these fanatics plan on robbing us of.

The climate clowns have come up with another way to screw with our lifestyles to curb the dreaded global warming plague we've caused with our reckless living -we need to eat bugs... the more the better More Crapolla. By eating bugs we'll all be on the front lines reducing global warming. Yes, we're already paying for white lab coated nimrods to study this fabulous idea. Don't waste a single moment! They're all around us and waiting to be harvested for tasty treats to save the earth! Mama Mia...  :(