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Monday, September 14, 2015

Rick Cantelli, P.I. Book IV: Shades of Death

Added Note: Shades of Death, my Rick Cantelli, P.I. thriller was released ahead of schedule by RJ Parker Publishing, Inc. Here's the link:  :)

Rick Cantelli, P.I. Shades of Death

I finished Rick Cantelli, P.I. Book IV: Shades of Death last night. It ended at nearly 97K words, and has many humorous and violent moments in it. RJ Parker Publishing, Inc will be releasing it at the end of this week if all goes well. The cover will be done by Katherine McCarthy at Aeternum Designs. Here’s the final blurb we decided on:

‘In Shades of Death, Rick and Lo try to protect a reality TV star better known for her selfie pictures on Twitter than her acting ability. She’s run afoul of a world class financier disrupting economies in countries, ordering deaths, and owning politicians everywhere. He thinks he’s above any law until he crosses Rick and Lo.

The clash between Cantelli-land and the Jorge Boros Empire draws out an old card from the deck in the person of Faruk Ezon, a world class assassin from the Madigan/Cantelli team’s old CIA days. With movie premiers, gangbangers, serial rapist problems, and a deadly threat from their Sana’a, Yemen embassy shootout, Rick and Lo are right back where they belong, locked and loaded.’

Editing of ‘Shades of Death’ is in full swing. Also my new novel which will be out at the end of November, Cold Blooded Book V: Nightmare in Red, starts today. It will contain another free bonus addition of Nick and Jean in the future. I have a couple of locations to research after the opening scenes which I’ll be doing at the end of September and middle of October involving Cincinnati, Boston, and Salem. After ‘Nightmare in Red’, I will be doing an all new character novel, which may or may not become a series, based on my short story, Dhampir. It will be released I hope in March. It will indeed be another Fall and Winter of fevered writing.  :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Rick Cantelli, P.I. On Sale

The release day approaches for the new addition to my Rick Cantelli, P.I. series - Rick Cantelli, P.I. Book IV: Shades of Death. With that release coming only weeks away, RJ Parker Publishing has put the first book in the series on sale for 99 cents. It's a great time to check out the most humorous and deadly team of ex-CIA agents ever to hit their 7th decade. :) The Rick Cantelli Series has new covers thanks to Katherine McCarthy at Aeternum Designs.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Casserine on Sale!

When humanity, spread across the spatial universe, get targeted by an array of alien creatures, interstellar war, space pirates, and need to be united under one flag in common cause, who do they call? United States Marines. Come join the crew under their commander, Jake Matthews, for humor, romance, and a Marine attitude adjustment for a galaxy out of control.

It’s all here, nearly 800 pages of nonstop action and humor for only 99 cents. My science fiction/space marine adventure is on sale. It’s a great time to take a look at the six free chapters in the ‘Look Inside’ feature to see if Casserine can draw you into its very special world.  :)

Saturday, September 5, 2015

New BTS Book Reviews E-mag for Sept/Oct

The new Book Trailers Showcase E-mag is out for Sept/Oct with all the great news on novels and publishing. I advertise every issue with BTS Book Reviews. It is a great and affordable place for writers to advertise. Readers can find new novel reviews, columns, and stories, all for free still. Check it out.

Rick Cantelli, P.I. Book IV: Shades of Death will be moving past the 80K length this weekend. It’s action packed with humor and romance thrown in. It will be released by the end of the month on schedule. Rick and Lo take on Billionaire Jorge Boros in a no holds barred action segment where the liberal financier makes the fatal mistake of targeting Cantelli-land, where he finds out it truly is a place of darkness and shadow.  :)