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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Number 1 in Pulp Fiction: Hard Case V: Blood and Fear

I had to take advantage of this moment, in that when these things happen, it’s only for a short time. Hard Case Book V: Blood and Fear made it to #1 in Pulp Fiction on Amazon, so I naturally clipped it for inclusion today on the blog. The new writing on Demon IV: Darkness Rules, and Cold Blooded IV is still humming along. That’s it for now from mid-level author and auto-repair land.  :)

Friday, February 20, 2015

Demon IV: Darkness Rules and Cold Blooded IV In Progress

For the first time in a couple of years, I’m writing two books at the same time: Demon Book IV: Darkness Rules, and Cold Blooded Book IV. I forgot how unique the feeling is, diving back and forth from a paranormal New Adult story to one about the adventures of an assassin. I already have 24,000 words done in Demon IV, because I started it the moment I finished Hard Case Book V: Blood and Fear, which is doing very well. I’m nearing 4,000 words in Cold Blooded IV with the opening scene a funny and violent beginning. It is best when attempting to do this to have a totally different cast of characters, genre, and adventures – that luckily is the case with these two.

I’m back to working about twenty hours a week in my auto shop, and for now, that’s probably all I will be doing. It hasn’t been long enough to gather any humorous stories in auto repair land, but I’m not giving it up, so we’ll see. The demilitarized zone of East Oakland can always become exciting at a moment’s notice. I’m doing strictly appointments now, and taking off Fridays. Without my best friend of over forty years along for the ride, it doesn’t matter so much anymore. The fiction writing does. I’ve had some great reviews already on Hard Case V: Bloodand Fear. It seems it struck the right chord with the series fans, which was my hope.  :)

In case anyone would like to start the Demon series, which I believe is one of the most exciting and humorous adventures in reading out there, here's the link to the first three in the series.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Kindle Listing for Hard Case Book V: Blood and Fear

Today is release day for Hard Case Book V: Blood and Fear on February 14th - a rather violent Valentine's Day offering. :) I'm also nearly 15,000 words into the fourth novel with my characters Demon and Mike Rawlins. Here is the new link for Blood and Fear and Blurb for the novel in Kindle form.

A Bulgarian arms dealer known as ‘The Ghost’ moves into Harding’s turf with sights on controlling the ports. Supplying terrorist cells with electromagnet pulse weapons capable of blacking out major cities, ‘The Ghost’ puts a bounty on Harding’s West Coast Avengers.

Flooding the area with Boko Haram Nigerian gangsters, and assassins imported to cause havoc amongst the population hits a snag. The terrorist arms dealer’s forces ram head on into an unimpressed Monster Squad of killers they never dreamed existed in politically correct America. 

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Hard Case Book V: Blood and Fear Paperback Release

Hard Case Book V: Blood and Fear came out in Paperback form yesterday. RJ did a great job on the wrap around cover setting with my Grandson Colin’s design, and inside type setting. The Kindle version will be released in a few days. Hard Case V: Blood and Fear is another violent bloody addition to the pulp fiction series, featuring one of the most deadly crews of killers ever assembled. I hope readers will also get more than a few guilty laughs at the antics of John Harding's Monster Squad not only dealing deadly justice to terrorists and gangsters, but also threading in civilian lives with newborns, and coaching girls' softball. In this adventure, two real life Vietnam Era Marines, my friends Charles Buchholz and Jan Sallaz (Sal) enter into the Hard Case world in their first recurring cameo role as owners of an LA Security firm, Red Dragon Security. Welcome aboard, Marines. Here’s the Paperback cover with link.