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Thursday, May 27, 2010

More Border Infiltration From OTM's

The new statistics on citizens backing Arizona and tough immigration enforcement laws CNN gathered from their May 21-23 poll CNN/Opinion represent the highest numbers ever since 2006 when the subject was first polled. Man, there must be some huge bucks changing hands in the back rooms for this complete disregard of US citizens’ will to go on. Yesterday an announcement was made of a Somali Texas man running a large scale smuggling enterprise bringing hundreds of Somalis up through Brazil, South America, and Mexico. This led to a terror alert for a Somalia-based Al Shabaab terrorist group’s infiltration through this Texas smuggler’s network into the US. The 1,200 troops being sent to the border are not to stop immigrants by order of Mexico. I bet you didn’t know our administration takes border security directives from Mexican authorities. It’s official now. Our government’s attitude toward the illegal alien invasion is suicidal. Another week of government’s abstention from doing anything to protect our nation and the CNN poll will be up to 90% backing Arizona. The remaining 10% will represent the terrorists already smuggled over the border.


whydibuy said...

Maybe the only surprise to the lopsided poll was that the liberal elite in the media didn't do a peter jennings " they're throwing a temper tantrum" characterizing of these results.

It is amazing how the mass media is really trying to show the very vocal minority of real citizens against the AZ law as a example of " the populace outrage " at the new law.

Wonderful thing about the internet, now you can get the real story minus the mass medias slant.

BernardL said...

Exactly, whydibuy, and you can bet there were a lot of people at CNN who would have rather cut off an appendage than make that poll public.