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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Guilty... I don't care.

This post is not for the ultra caring reader. I write because something gives me a gut reaction. The last couple days I’ve been reading about the United States lack of compassion… that we don’t care when disasters hit like floods, earthquakes, tidal waves, hurricanes, etc. happening overseas in Muslim nations like Pakistan or Indonesia. I wonder if this steely heart attitude has to do with every time an act of terrorism like 9/11 or a natural disaster like Katrina hits us the Middle East Muslim nations whining about our compassion erupt in their streets with jubilation. I wonder if our lack of caring has to do with us common folk not being able to vote on the billions of our dollars flooding annually into rat-holes like Pakistan, Indonesia, and Palestine where they hate our guts no matter what we do. Well okay… I admit it… I don’t care… so here, let me express my sorrow over hardships faced by people actively cheering for my extinction… oh wahhhh! There you go. If I had my way, that would be the only aid people actively clamoring for my demise ever got if I could vote on it. I’m thinking if the government wants to get us in the black without taxes let our citizens vote on throwing the UN hucksters out along with ending aid to third world pits breeding Islamist killers to obliterate us. Want to bet on how much the American people vote to keep in their own pockets?

Monday, November 29, 2010

More Oakland Nonsense

More Oakland, CA insanity thanks to our wonderful city council including new mayor Jean Quan hit the news with a resounding uplift for any would be criminals, illegal aliens, and potential terrorists Key To The City. Oakland contracted to give them all municipal debit cards. San Francisco and Washington D.C. already have this wonderful example of ultimate stupidity. I’m certain the MS-13 and other illegal alien invaders and gangbangers along with incoming UFO’s (Unidentified Foreign Operatives) will make good use of our city leaders’ latest incomprehensible edict. It’s as if the San Francisco side of the Bay and our own East Bay side have dueling idiots competing for the title of most incompetent boobs. Yes… I know… Oakland residents vote in these imbeciles every election… the city's citizens meet the enemy every morning in the mirror.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

South Pacific Rescue

Three teens, two fifteen year olds and one just fourteen from New Zealand were rescued after fifty days adrift in a rowboat Survival. When people claim there are no such things as miracles I can’t help but wonder what they think about the story of these three kids. Somehow I just don’t think luck quite covers it. Not that I don’t think these teens survival instincts aren’t amazing, and their mental toughness to persevere extraordinary, but when you consider how many things can happen on the open sea in fifty days the odds of them being rescued alive runs about the same as being hit by lightning inside a bomb shelter. Anyway, I thought this was a neat Thanksgiving postscript.  :)

Friday, November 26, 2010

Business As Usual

We have a new incoming Mayor of Oakland, CA where my auto repair shop is located in the demilitarized zone of East Oakland. Her name is Jean Quan. She’s been a member of the inept city council for many years. Her main claim to fame is that she’s not Jerry Brown (arguably the worst mayor in Oakland history) or our present mayor Ron Dellums who recently surrendered the city to thugs protesting the Mehserle verdict.

Oakland reached new heights of fame itself this past month by being listed as the fifth most dangerous city in the United States Claim To Fame. This dubious notoriety is due directly to our past mayors and city council making it their number one priority to sell out our police department at every opportunity while coddling the gangs and thugs.

Humorously, the new incoming mayor had her politically correct Prius booted for unpaid parking tickets to the tune of $1000 Above The Law. The article calls this embarrassing while Quan calls it an oversight by her ‘backlogged’ husband. I call it the typical badge of honor for our line of gypsies, tramps, and thieves we always elect out here to run our state and cities. The United States should probably cordon us off from the rest of America. As we welcome Jerry Brown and Jean Quan into governing positions within this state devoid of all common sense and logic I’m kind of curious as to who is left in the state and city for them to steal from… uh oh…

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

China - Pollution Central

Anyone seeking an example of what totalitarian communist government can do to the environment need look no further than China Polluting Kingpin. They not only emit more greenhouse gases than anyone on the planet (no big deal because the dreaded CO2 we exhale makes up only .04% of our atmosphere along with miscellaneous other gases) China also pollutes the air with toxic pollution the United States curbed long ago. LA gets polluted from China regularly along with their own country which in some industrial sectors is becoming nearly uninhabitable Real Pollution. China in the first article is still demanding reparations according to the Copenhagen Accord joke conference. Nothing will end our young civilization here in the United States faster than appeasing the third world nitwits in charge of the UN and avowed enemies like Red China. China already owns our debt. I wonder what’s next.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

November Roundup

James Delingpole’s November roundup of posts in the UK Telegraph is hilarious Telegraph. If you have a chance to read these pre-holiday treasures you won’t regret it. Those unfamiliar with Delingpole’s style might want to steer clear if sarcastic wit threaded into the truth bothers you. The comments section is as always with his columns another major source of amusement.

Monday, November 22, 2010

'Green' Treachery

A high ranking UN Climate Change thief admits the ‘Green’ in the green movement has nothing to do with climate Climate Con and everything to do with redistributing wealth. With Lord Goreacle on the run and his Chicago Climate Exchange collapsing around his ears the UN scam artists see their cash cow being readied for the barbeque this winter. I wonder if the world’s legion of gullible global warming worshippers will now finally allow the most heinous scam in history to end. The bigwig communists perpetrating the last dregs of this colossal rip-off will be jetting to Cancun for one last ditch effort to breathe life into Climate Fantasy Camp. This would be an excellent time for Interpol to at last do something useful and arrest all the thieves while they’re in one place.