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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Chased By A Vampire

Colorado made some paranormal news with this story from Mesa County. A woman ran her SUV off the road to avoid a vampire. I’m linking this article because a writing friend, Denise Belinda McDonald, has a new romance novel for sale titled Wrong Turn, Right Cowboy which I thought was a fantastic title. When I read the ‘I was chased by a vampire into a ditch’ article, plots and titles streamed into my head including – ‘Right Neck, Wrong Vampire’ or ‘Right Road, Wrong Fang’. I’m certain the scene our hapless vampire victim in Colorado suffered stirs up the paranormal imagination a little in all of us.  :)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Sinking South Korea's Ship Not Terrorism

The North Koreans sank a South Korean ship killing forty-six sailors in South Korean waters a little while ago. It was investigated by all kinds of people although everyone knew who shot the torpedo. When the truth came out the North Koreans did indeed do it even to China’s satisfaction the big question came up as to what would be done about it. Answer – nothing. Our administration has announced it was not an act of terrorism so North Korea will not be placed back on the terror list. According to our state department it was a provocation by one country’s military against another. Okay… since we’re practically South Korea’s military with thousands of our troops at risk, I’m a little confused at this. Does North Korea now get to do anything they want, including firing warheads into Seoul? If we’ve decided to do nothing and let South Korea fight their own battles, we should at least get our troops out of there before that maniac in the North nukes them and goes oops, so sorry. The South Koreans have been demonstrating sometimes violently against us being there for some time. Well, although I’m not too crazy about letting them get enslaved by the North, we have to come up with a better policy than hoping the North Korean Loon will be satisfied with knocking off South Koreans. We can’t have it both ways. Either we’re defending South Korea or we’re not, in which case we need to recall our troops before they suffer one of Emperor Nutcake’s test attacks against us, knowing we don’t plan to hit back.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Hoax Continues

The money trail threads sprouting out from the Carbon Credit Mafia and their ‘Cap & Trade’ taxpayer extortion racket even includes our ‘Fannie Mae’ federally sponsored mortgage failure. That congress debates these ‘Climate’ tax jokes like ‘Cap & Trade’ instead of imprisoning all the thieves responsible for this global warming hoax defies all logic. Still spouting debunked nonsense and threatening global apocalypse to sell their scam, the carbon trading marketers have surpassed already imprisoned criminals like Bernie Madoff and the Enron gang a thousand times over. Instead of calling themselves ‘Climate Change Advocates’ and their enterprises ‘Green Foundations’, they should all be classified under a new umbrella banner of identification – The ‘P.T. Barnum Advocacy Group’ and their motto ‘We exploit the suckers every minute’.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Or Else

The logical next step in ignoring our border troubles arrived in plain terms. The Mexican Drug Cartels warned Arizona law officers to look the other way ‘or else’. Because a couple of Arizona police officers busted a drug smuggling attempt with the usual illegal alien invasion of our land, warnings were issued by the invaders. Once the Drug Cartels know the United States Government not only looks the other way; but encourages lawsuits from illegal alien drug runners when they are hurt in battles with our police, we’re doomed. I’m glad a lot of states are jumping on board with Arizona, because if we’re not allowed to defend our sovereignty, we may as well run the Los Zetas Drug Cartel’s leader for President.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Canadian Cabinet Officials Under Scrutiny

This article covering Canada’s spy agency investigating whether cabinet officials in two provinces are under foreign control reinforces the importance of nationalism for a country’s survival. The nation suspected is of course China. We have two Senators here in California that I believe if we were living in the fifties would be in prison. Senators Feinstein and Boxer have so many ties with Mainland China it’s a wonder they’re not considered China’s representatives in the Senate rather than California’s.
It will be interesting the way all the politicians in Canada are gasping in surprise at this news if any real investigations actually happen. I’m rooting for Canada’s security agency to uncover these people and find out whether they actually committed quid pro quo legislation for a foreign power or if the cabinet officials were duped. Depending on their success in the matter I wonder if we can hire them to take a look at our congress, especially my two Senators.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Children Of The Death Cult

Here’s an angelical choir I’d rather not have representing any organized religion. ‘When We Die As Martyrs’ topped the charts for Islamist suicide squads. The YouTube video marks a new low for incomprehensible idiocy as adult purveyors of death use children to recruit human WMD’s. With the public release of this blasphemy of life there had better be fierce outcries from a vast majority following the religion of submission. Anyone thinking we are not in the middle of a clash of civilizations we have to win to survive better get their heads out of the sand pit. If the freaks of nature who think a video like this helps their cause really knew what it stirs up inside rational thinking human beings’ heads they would have had these children singing Coke commercial lyrics. When I personally think of the adult miscreants responsible for the ‘Martyrs’ children’s video two military bumper stickers leap into my head:
" U.S. Marines - Certified Counselors to the 72 Virgins Dating Club."

" U.S. Air Force - Travel Agents To Allah"

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Squirrel Bridge

Arizona cancelled its proposed 1.25 million dollar ‘squirrel bridge’. It seems 250 squirrels live on one side of a rural road on Mount Graham. They like to occasionally cross the road. An average of five jaywalking squirrels die each year in the attempt to see what’s on the other side of the road. To prevent the deaths of five squirrels a year while crossing the road some genius’s came up with this 1.25 million dollar bridge idea to save them. The money was coming out of federal funds which were stolen… er… I mean collected from us rubes in the rest of the country. Graham County Supervisor Mark Herrington asked a damn good question the day before bridge cancellation - "I don't think it's the smartest allocation of resources," he said. "With all the problems we’re facing today, with the economy the way it is…that's a huge expense and how do you guarantee that the squirrels are going to cross the bridge?" Maybe Arizona could use the federal funds to take back our wildlife preserve on the border from the Mexican Drug Cartels. Now that project expense I could understand.

Besides, here’s what the squirrels on the Mount Graham road were saying just the other day. Three of the squirrel residents huddled together looking out at the rather flattened body of their comrade, Silly Squirrel.

Sammy Squirrel sighed deeply. “Silly kept dancing right where we’re standing saying ‘what’s over there… what’s over there?’. I told him it was the same as this side but he just wouldn’t listen.”

Sadie Squirrel shook her head, cringing as a Ford pickup truck decreased the mass of Silly’s inert body by another half inch with its back right tire. “Silly never listened. He wasn’t very bright in these matters.”

Johnnie Squirrel snorted derisively. “Let’s not get all morbid here. Silly was dumber than a bag of rocks. He broke the squirrel commandment thou shalt not run under a Cadillac Escalade. We should focus on the positive here. I saw that snake charmer Rocky Raccoon staring longingly across the road last night. I’d bet a nice fat walnut he’s gettin’ ready to become road kill any day now.”

“Really?” Sadie asked with her little eyes brightening at the thought. “He’s mean.”

“Yeah… stupid mean,” Sammy added, chortling and rubbing his little paws together. Suddenly, Johnnie tugged on his companions’ shoulders.

“Get down! Here comes the Rock now.”

The three crouched silently as a large black masked raccoon scampered up to the road, darting out a few feet onto the paved surface and back again.

“He’s ignoring Silly’s body,” Sadie whispered, “almost like he doesn’t care.”

“The Rock thinks he’s smarter than anyone else,” Johnnie replied. “He’s probably thinking to himself - ‘ha ha, there’s that dumbass Silly plastered to the road. I bet I could get across’. Uh oh, there he goes.”

Rocky Raccoon made it across one lane before an eighteen wheeler on the other side ended the ill conceived journey in a bloody mess of pulverized raccoon.

“Budda Bing!” Johnnie called out coldly.

“Eeeeeeeuuuuuu!” Sadie covered her eyes but peaked through anyway at the red glutinous mass across the highway.

“I don’t know about you two, but I’ve had enough entertainment for one day,” Sammy said, turning away to scamper down from the roadside a few steps. “Anymore of that and they’ll be adding the damn raccoons to the endangered species list.”

“More nuts for us, matey,” Johnnie announced, joining his friend. “C’mon Sadie, unless you want to go take a walk on the wildside.”

“I don’t think so!” Sadie scrambled down and popped Johnnie on the back of the head. “That’s for being so insensitive.”

“It’s called natural selection.” Johnnie rubbed the back of his head while Sammy tittered appreciatively at Sadie’s attitude adjustment. “What do you want me to do about it, build a bridge?”

The three squirrels laughed together at the ridiculous concept and ran off into the woods.

There you have it folks. Even the squirrels think the idea is stupid.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Suicide Bombing Schools

Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, has been documenting the rise of radical factions in both Pakistan and Afghanistan since 2001. In her present documentary ‘Children of the Taliban’ she highlights Pakistan’s suicide bombing schools where the Taliban recruit boys in staggering numbers to become human bombs. This is nothing new from the religion of peace. Yassir Arafat established them long ago but this latest travesty has become monstrous in scope. Ms. Obaid-Chinoy is bravely trying to create a pilot program to counter the radicalism breeding a culture of death in the region. A quote from former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir comes to mind – “We will have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us.”

Friday, June 18, 2010

Nationwide Alert

Here’s some more good news on the security front. A nationwide alert is on for 17 Afghan AWOL military members from a Texas Air Base where they were attending language classes. What!? There aren’t any bases in Afghanistan for these guys to attend English classes? Each of these potential human WMD’s was issued a Department of Defense Common Access Card which allows them on military installations. According to the article these guys went missing over the last two years… two years!!!??? It claims an unspecified number have been caught but at the end of the article it lists all seventeen names in a link. Why do that if some are in custody? When I read something like this a burning question pops into my mind. How many idiots in the Pentagon or State Department does it take to establish foreign exchange student programs with countries we are at war with, where we send Americans over to fight and die in exchange for trained terrorists… and then give them common access cards to all our military installations? We’re doomed.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Animal Genocide

As a follow up to yesterday’s post on ceding of United States sovereignty here’s an article about thousands of wildlife refuge acres closed since 2006 because of security concerns due to drug and human smugglers. Let’s put aside the fact our federal government decided American citizens don’t deserve protection from foreign invaders so they can visit a wildlife preserve we’re all paying for. I wonder what kind of refuge we’re getting for our money if thousands of illegal alien criminal invaders are allowed to stomp across the wildlife habitat. Consider this, guess who pays for the cleanup on a wildlife refuge, we’re not allowed to visit, damaged by foreign invaders – that’s right, the US taxpayer. Where’s PETA, World Wildlife, Greenpeace, and all the rest of the save the animals first crowd? Maybe they should quit hugging polar bears for a moment and take a look at this potential animal genocide at our border.  :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ceding Sovereignty

No matter how you feel about the Arizona law I don’t think any US citizen agrees with ceding the Arizona border park land over to Mexican drug cartels because the federal government refuses to protect our border. It’s no wonder with this news why Texas is establishing a Predator drone base. They may be afraid the feds are getting ready to cede the Texas border area to the drug cartels along with Arizona’s. The answer is not to put up signs forbidding United States citizens from entering USA park territory because of drug runners and illegal alien banditos. The answer is to make interfering with United States citizens on their own land the same as certain death. We don’t need thousands of unarmed troops on the border. We need twenty spaced out sniper teams with Predator drone backup and a shoot to kill order. This interview with an Arizona Sheriff puts our problem into perspective.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Military police at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida, home of the US Central Command overseeing the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, arrested a man and woman trying to enter the base without proper identification. Upon searching their vehicle military weapons and gear were found. The part that bugs me about this story is the authorities have not released their identities. If they turn out to be a couple of would be ‘Major Hasans’ and their identities were withheld simply to appease fifth column groups like our own enemy within CAIR (Council On American-Islamic Relations) then we have allowed political correctness to breach the suicidal stage. Yeah, I’m jumping to conclusions - but only because every time ‘the authorities’ withhold names in these cases nowadays is if they are potential ‘Major Hasans’. If American citizens like the Hutaree Militia group are arrested with very little evidence of any wrong doing, their names, addresses and life histories immediately get smeared across the country. It will be interesting to follow this story at MacDill Air Force Base. Tragedy will be just over the horizon if we’re hiding information so as not to offend fifth columnists like CAIR.
If these two are potential ‘Major Hasans’ I hope to God the authorities at MacDill employ some intelligent profiling in finding out who the couple were trying to sneak military weapons and gear on the Central Command Base for.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Oklahoma Okay!

Oklahoma may have been paying attention to our canary in the mine shaft, Great Britain. Instead of waiting for the proverbial camel to get its nose under the tent, Oklahoma legislators put a state constitutional amendment on the ballot to forbid any judge from invoking Sharia law or applying International law in cases tried there. After watching Great Britain with five Sharia courts I would have to say we need a reiteration of United States sovereignty in all fifty of our states as Oklahoma is doing. I’m with Oklahoma. Keep Sharia and honor killings out of our country. Otherwise, we won’t even recognize America in a couple decades. Until we assimilate the legal immigrants we have now from the Middle East we should shut off all immigration from there for at least ten years.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Senator Boxer On Global Conflict & CO2

One reason in spite of corruption, extortion and deceit the Carbon Credit Mafia continues on with plans to steal our money with the Cap & Trade bill at the altar of Holy Global Warming is because of Senators like Barbara Boxer. In this video Boxer claims CO2 will be the leading cause of world conflict. The Global Warming acolytes fail daily to save their faux religion with the usual ‘sky is falling’ repertoire so I guess global conflict seems a better threat to them. How this ignoramus Boxer ties CO2 in with global conflict is both hilarious and a complete embarrassment. If it were the most idiotic of her public stances I would be surprised. It isn’t.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Goofiest Race Card Pull Ever

The NAACP forced Hallmark to pull graduation audio cards with a space theme because when the character card audio used a reference to black holes the NAACP decided it really said a racial epithet – black whores. It’s coincidental I was beginning a list of the silliest ‘race card’ pulls surrounding the Arizona immigration law. I scrapped it after reading this article because they pale in comparison to this bit of utter nonsense by a group that must have their research wing spending every waking moment looking for ways to be offended. In grasping for this straw they have found a way to look simply ridiculous.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Disneyland Kismet

Here’s a cute story about a happily married couple finding out they first met in Disney Land at the ages of 3 and 5. They were from two different countries, unknowingly ending up in the same picture. When looking over old photos the two found similarities about the Disney trips their respective parents took them on and confirmed the eerie meet up thirty years ago. Some things are just meant to be.  :)  For today, it’s more entertaining news than the Gulf oil spill, Carbon Credit Mafia, Illegal Alien invasion, and world war.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

157 Years Old?

Imagine being alive on this earth for 157 years. A lady in Indonesia has been found via census to possibly have been alive since 1853. She has a 108 year old adopted daughter so I guess like the authorities say – it’s possible. After hanging around myself for 60 years, I’d probably have a stroke if someone told me I had to survive another 97.  :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lord Goreacle Lectures The Philippines

Here’s the Goreacle fresh from his Montecito Mansion lecturing people in the Philippines on how to conserve energy. Too bad there’s no Associated Press comments section for this hilarious hypocrite. I can only imagine the response. And no, I have no comment on Lord Goreacle’s divorce. I never presume to know another man’s marriage. When I mention the Goreacle it will always be in reference to this penultimate conman’s Global Warming Hoax and Worldwide Carbon Credit Trading scam.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Memorial Desecration

Apparently a lot of American citizens have not forgotten about 911. Thousands protested against the building of a super Mosque near the Twin Tower Memorial. I noticed New York City’s mayor Bloomberg wasn’t one of them. Tracing the money trail Muslim owned real estate front group Soho Properties used to finance the land purchase turned up many interesting ingredients to this desecration. My favorite quote on this came from Dr. Babu Suseelan, a Hindu human rights activist, who spoke to the crowd.

“We Hindus and Sikhs have a story to tell. Islamists killed 80 million of us since 700 AD and they continue to kill us. They destroyed 3000 glorious temples and built mosques over them. In the last 60 years, Islamists in Pakistan wiped out infidel Hindu and Sikh populations. At one time we represented 25% of the population and now we are less that 1%. Know this: The 9/11 mosque is not a symbol of understanding. It is a symbol of conquest. Imam Rauf is a master of Taqiyya, which is the use of deception to forward the agenda of Islam. What Faisal Shahzad failed to accomplish in Times Square on May 1st with overt jihad, Imam Rauf will succeed with stealth jihad.”

Monday, June 7, 2010

Criminal Enablers

The LA Times allowed an article to be published illustrating every reason the Arizona law should be diligently enforced across the nation. From the centerpiece scumbag, Mwenda Murithi, a Kenyon born gang banger with twenty-six arrests since losing his student visa status in 2003 to the illegal alien criminal enablers like Chicago Alderman Roberto Maldonado, the LA Times makes the case for Arizona’s law very well. Sanctuary cities should be stripped of everything by the state and federal government until they enforce the laws of the land. Otherwise there will be a continuing string of murders like the thirteen year old girl Murithi was responsible for killing and an endless line of apologists like Maldonado.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


A prayer on the eve of D-Day by FDR. It is a prayer to keep in mind for our country against Islamists today and for our courageous troops on the battle line at this very moment.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Drug Cartel Terrorism

From the ‘if we didn’t have trouble enough’ file, the Zeta Mexican drug cartel planned to get back at its rival the Gulf drug cartel by blowing up the Falcon Dam in Texas. The Arizona law looks better with every passing day. The news Texas will be setting up a Predator drone base in Corpus Christi to monitor the Texas border is a nice start. Unfortunately they won’t be equipped with hellfire missiles. As the article states, if Zeta could have pulled this off it would have unleashed billions of gallons of water onto a region with millions of our citizens. Of course this act of terrorism by a Mexican drug cartel isn’t racist like us Arizona illegal alien enforcement law backers… it’s just business.

Here’s the Predator goes to Texas article.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Hamas Terrorist Flotilla Parody

I realize Israel gets the blame for everything in the world right after the USA but if you want to watch a hilarious poke at the Hamas terrorist flotilla incident this is the YouTube video to watch. It’s a parody of ‘We Are The World’ done as ‘We Con The World’. :)

Gabriella Saucedo - American

Gabriella Saucedo, a legal immigrant to this country in 1986 who became a naturalized citizen in 1991, gives a stirring defense of American sovereignty. She’s read the Arizona bill, and Gabriella eats this city council’s lunch. It is an honor to have her as a fellow citizen. Her address to the council starts a little over a minute into the video after the blowhards speak.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Troop Tribute

With the anniversary of D-Day coming up I thought this incredible tribute to our troops would be something to share. Watch this You Tube video. You’ll be glad you did.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Night Temperature Doom

Times Online posted this story claiming climate change (or Global Warming – they had to change the label because when a Ponzi scheme goes bad you have to rename it) causes higher night time temperatures which will kill us. If you can read through this rehash of ‘we’re all going to die!’ carbon credit trader alarmism the comments section is hilarious. People don’t believe this crap anymore and the commenting readers of this article make that clear to the article’s author. I hope the Goreacle’s Montecito estate has a moat and a drawbridge. Once the carbon traders institute full on carbon taxes in spite of all the corruption, Al Goreacle will need a buffer zone between his estate and the pitchfork wielding public.