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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Climate Kerry Strikes!

Remember the voluminous socialist health care bill Representative Nancy Pelosi told us they needed to pass so we could see what’s in it? Senator Kerry has cursed us with the monstrous extortion bill to tilt at the imaginary dragon of Global Warming. No amount of facts, Goracle mansions, Climate Mafia taxes, or Climate Credit Exchange scandals can halt the thieves in congress. They have dedicated themselves to this pursuit of unlimited taxation and extortion in the face of overwhelming evidence no amount of money or human endeavor can alter or influence Mother Nature. 
The wind farms across the globe are a failing bad joke leaving wastelands of abandoned propeller bladed monuments of waste– yet they want to spend billions on more blights to birds and the eye. Despite taxing and extorting an incomprehensible amount of money trying to plunge us into the stone-age the climate goes on its merry cyclical way as it has for billions of years. We now have hybrid vehicles on our roads in the millions carrying power cells no one knows the cost of recycling because the cost will be so far in excess to any meager benefit in fuel consumption those responsible hush the atrocity up as if it were the security code to Lord Goracle’s Montecito Mansion. 
The final plunge into the Abyss holding the greatest scam in world history now lies before us. I expect Senator Kerry to hold a press conference any day to announce like Speaker Pelosi did on socialist health care – we need to pass this thousand page climate extortion bill so that we’ll know what’s in it. I already know what’s in it, Senator – a complete and utter fraud, allowing the ransacking of our lives in pursuit of an imaginary goal we’d have more likelihood of fixing by you holding your breath for five minutes, Senator Kerry.

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