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Saturday, May 29, 2010


US plots Pakistan strike if Taliban pull off major attack inside America. This is the kind of headline we get when immigration, both legal and illegal, from countries with terrorist ties in the Middle East infiltrate unchecked. After 9/11 all immigration from the Middle East should have been halted and our borders secured with no holds barred militarization. After the worst terrorist attack in US history President Bush held hands with Muslim representatives and then Mexican President Vicente Fox to assure the world it would be business as usual. Thanks to that goofy scenario and continuing non-enforcement of our immigration laws we have potential cataclysmic WMD attacks on the horizon from a fifth column recruiting from inside our prisons, illegally over our porous borders, and directly from suspect countries legally. Now we have major cities being referred to as Dearbornistan and Detroitistan due to legal influx of Middle Eastern Islamic immigrants more intent on establishing Sharia Law than assimilating into America. I guess after the travesty of allowing Mosques to be built in the shadow of the Twin Towers devastation where nearly 3,000 American citizens died, we’ll be able to add New Yorkistan to the list of potential Sharia cities. We wouldn’t be reading headlines about retaliation plans if our incompetent leaders from the day after 9/11 had shut down our borders and stuffed political correctness in our immigration policies where the sun don’t shine. No way should we be importing our own destruction from the Middle East. Now we’re left with hoping terrorist cells we’ve imported misfire their bombs while plotting retaliatory strikes if they don’t? Insanity!

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