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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Homeland Insecurity Strikes Again

When you read this article of ‘Inspector Clouseau’ type antics by inspectors finding obvious practice items for terrorism in a dry-run aboard flight 908 from Chicago to Amsterdam you begin to wonder why we bother to check anyone or anything. This statement of idiocy by authorities after Dutch police arrested these two scumbags should send a chill up anyone’s spine thinking about traveling aboard an airliner supposedly under the watchful eye of ‘Homeland Insecurity’ - "Suspicious items were located in checked luggage associated with two passengers on United Flight 908 from Chicago O'Hare to Amsterdam," the Transportation Safety Administration said in a written statement. "The items were not deemed to be dangerous in and of themselves."
Huh?! Maybe next time the Islamo-Terrorist Vanguard can practice with look alike suitcase nukes to see if they can get out of a major American airport without detection. I bet the Dutch thought this was a real humorous outing where our ‘Homeland Insecurity’ ships out obvious terrorists to a landing zone in their nation. The question to me is what in the hell would ‘Homeland Insecurity’ officers deem a dry-run by terrorists? It’s becoming obvious we need to suspect anyone originating from Detroitistan as if they were from Yemen or Iran.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Incredible Mom

Here’s a miracle story about a woman in Australia giving birth to twins prematurely, a boy and girl. The doctor gruffly handed the baby boy to the mother, telling her he could not survive and to say goodbye. Mom had another idea. Oh yeah!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Go Denmark!

After decades of providing for Muslim immigrants, Denmark has had enough. Their new harsher immigration laws reflect the growing distaste the Danes have for hosting a culture in their own land that has no intention of ever assimilating. The numbers listed in this article of Muslims filling Denmark’s welfare rolls and jails are startling. That they reflect what’s happening all over Europe and the UK is but a harbinger of America’s own problem. When I read Denmark’s new immigration law wording, it definitely seemed appropriate. If a culture exports female genital mutilation, subjugation of women, execution of gays, genocide against other religions, honor killings, and murderous terrorism all over the earth while never assimilating, maybe the Danes are right – it’s time to board up the door or face national suicide.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Dive Trip

I hit my 168 pound target weight and got into my scuba wetsuit for the first time in a while. My wife and I went down to Monterey to a beach called Otter’s Point which some of you may remember I used for Nick’s favorite locale in ‘Cold Blooded’. All my equipment checked out real well although I had to retire my old leaking Scuba-Pro compensator and get a new Tusa one. A sea otter swam around with me in the kelp bed at thirty feet down and visibility was great. The day was overcast but there are no bad days in Pacific Grove, near Monterey, where Otter’s Point is. I’m hoping Wild Child Publishing assigns another editor to ‘Cold Blooded’ within the next few months. Anyway, it was a good dive and we had a great time in Monterey. I’m looking forward to my younger brother coming out in September from Texas. We’re going diving at Point Lobos, also near Monterey, where there’s a cave that I haven’t been in since I took him there on his last visit. Only dive teams can dive at Point Lobos. You’re never supposed to go diving alone, but dive partners you want to dive with are tough to come by. As soon as my wife, St. Joyce (her nickname from my brothers and sisters for putting up with me for over three decades), gets her weight down, I promised to take her diving again.
The funny part of our dive trip happened at my wife’s favorite beach which is just a short walk from Otter’s Point. She took my kids down there a few months ago to show them where she wants her ashes scattered. It turned out the locals were having a memorial plaque put into a rock because John Denver crashed his single engine toy plane there and died. Her beach was packed with fawning fans. Oh man, was she pissed. Anyway, we walked down to her beach after my dive so she could spend some time sitting on her favorite rock. We had to walk past JD’s memorial plaque and what do you know a gull had crapped all over it. I immediately directed a video of St. Joyce pointing with grim face at the plaque stating this was what happened when you invaded her beach. I added an ‘Oh John, you been served, baby’ at the end. She was very happy.
We were in all the pictures and videos. Otherwise I’d post a couple, especially the John Denver bit but I don’t have permission from St. Joyce to blog her. I’ll have to remember that when we go back down there in a week or so. I’ll take some stills without us in them. :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Return of the Goracle

Al Goracle thundered out from his Montecito Villa to rally all us poor shmucks into a nationwide protest against Congress’s inaction on the climate change (Cap & Trade) rip-off. Please go away, you arrogant, condescending blowhard. Enjoy the billion you’ve already scammed from us dolts and let this colossal fraud die. The Goracle must be ‘Green’ with envy over the carbon taxes UK politicians are foisting onto their populace. It makes me yearn for more middle-aged masseuses to pop up with court claims so as to keep the Goracle busy. I have to hand it to the Goracle though for one thing – he’s learned it’s better to come out trumpeting in August heat rather than making speeches during record cold fronts in January.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

UK Carbon Taxes Set To Triple

Here’s our future if we don’t stop the Climate Mafia. Our ‘Canary in the coal mine’, the UK, will be implementing carbon taxes set to triple. These ‘Green’ levies are of course simple robbery. They have nothing to do with the environment nor do they stop global warming - which is caused by the Sun and is in a cooling period that started a decade ago. The ‘Green’ levies allow politicians to buy votes by spending money on entitlement programs, collect money from the Climate Mafia’s Carbon Credit Trading Scam, and extort money from real businesses that actually produce products and hire us working peons. All this thievery does is lower our lifestyles, make essential products like food, clothing, etc. go up in price astronomically, and keep Carbon Credit Billionaire Thieves like Al Goracle in their villas.
The only way to stop this massive fraud is to throw out every single politician who opens his or her mouth blathering about climate change or even wears the color green. The negative public opinion has shelved the ‘Cap and Trade’ rip-off in our country. That small beginning can expand to our throwing off the final chains of Al Goracle’s apocalyptic carbon three-card-monte. Remember, whether it’s Kermit the Frog spouting it or an Al Goracle political acolyte, the moment ‘Green’ appears grab your wallet and run.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hybrid Mania

I realize with more car makers producing ‘green’ car hybrids and ad campaigns to match, more unsuspecting consumers will be paying the extra thousands of dollars to have a politically correct vehicle. At first look it seems like such a soft fuzzy warm feeling to be oh so one with the earth while still driving a car. In reality, a closer examination of the hybrid’s power cell life-force, which does fail and needs to be recycled, makes this a bad choice for the environment or energy savings. The article I’ve linked to below highlights Honda’s problems with their Civic hybrid. To avoid replacing thousands of power cells under warranty, Honda came up with a software upgrade that reduces the hybrid to a much more expensive Civic without the power or the lifespan. The new software patch kicks in the trusty gas engine sooner to keep the power cell charged, thereby reducing gas mileage so you wind up driving a Civic with a built in $3,000 albatross waiting to strike. Although the manufacturers have lengthened the warranty into the eight and ten year range for the power cells, the recycling of failed power cells also consumes a lot of energy, requiring special recycling factories. Meanwhile, regular gas powered Honda Civic owners paid thousands less for their Civic - it gets great gas mileage, and if they do the usual maintenance, their Civic will last much longer while not requiring energy wasting plants recycling the very un-green power cells. The Hybrid Civic’s problems are a microcosm of the shortsighted ‘green’ movement. With all the hype and fortunes spent trying to be more environmentally friendly to appease morons in governments who have never held a real job in their lives, vehicle manufacturers have unleashed millions of environmental time bombs which will prematurely waste a vast amount more energy than they ever saved.
An added note I learned when attending hybrid classes. When one of these vehicles gets into a wreck, emergency crews have to be specially equipped to handle crashed hybrids, adding expensive gear on a massive scale to already cash strapped fire and rescue departments.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Donald Duck Accused of Groping

Donald Duck got the Al Goracle treatment at Walt Disney World when a woman tourist accused Disney’s premier Duck with groping her. As pointed out in the comments and from my own experience at Disneyland, there’s no way in hell one of those costumed employees could grope anyone. Most of the time Donald is a woman employee because of the uniform size. Also the costumed characters are always under escort by other employees because they can’t even see where they’re going. This goofy claim points out the need for major tort reform in this country to end these frivolous law suits. I’ve heard Donald and Daisy quietly separated though.  :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Zeus v3 Trojan

I came across this warning about a new Trojan virus called Zeus v3. It emptied nearly seven hundred thousand pounds from British on-line bank users. It’s another reminder to keep your virus programs up to date and operative. This nasty virus hides inside even legitimate ads along with the usual malicious E-mail spam.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

California - Illegal Alien Gang-banger Central

Want to know why California deserves its reputation as the goofiest state in the country? Read this article describing a microcosm of every city in California where gang-bangers run the cities and city officials collect $800,000 annual salaries. The gangs made up of illegal aliens from Mexico and Central America terrorize the citizenry while their sock puppets in city government collect a fortune in salary while rigging elections and mouthing platitudes about fighting crime. Jerry Brown was first the worst governor in California history before decades later becoming the worst mayor in Oakland, CA history where he did exactly what the officials in Bell, CA did – collect a salary while pretending to confront crime. Now as the worst attorney general in California history he’s investigating the Bell, CA officials. Yeah, that’ll make ‘em quake in their boots. Fail!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Schadenfreude Alert With Darwin Award Incident

Imagine a wedding where the groom fires an AK-47 up into the air as a celebratory gesture. Then imagine him losing control and spraying the wedding guests, killing his own father and two aunts. It happened in reality at a religion of submission wedding in Turkey. The scope of this event is so stunningly stupid and tragic as to be in a different realm of perception. On one hand the impulse for Schadenfreude is nearly irresistible. On the other hand the idiocy of a widely practiced tradition of such an utterly imbecilic nature gives me the chills. Naturally, the accidental spraying of innocents with an automatic assault rifle rides the top category of insanity, but the second stage in this nightmare party favor is the fact even if you don’t spray the immediate guests, that stream of bullets fired up in the air does descend back to earth. Incredible!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sharia Travesty

Sharia law, implemented in escalating doses over the last few decades in Canada and Great Britain, maintains its stealth jihad by first setting up dual systems of law before finally overwhelming a country’s populace. Why the leaders of these two countries, especially Great Britain, ever allowed this camel’s nose under the tent is a mystery of monumental scope. With its complete subjugation of women (including sexual mutilation and honor killings) and death sentences for Gays, why would two major civilized countries allow this murderous stone-age crapolla to seep into their law? This writer’s breakdown of what we’re in for if we here in America don’t get a clue soon is a stunning outline for disaster.

Friday, August 6, 2010

UN Climate Gangsters

I mentioned taxes for imaginary man-made global warming yesterday to halt what only the sun can stop and what do you know, here comes the most corrupt organization on earth screaming for it. They even used my figures. This quote about planned robbery should make the hairs on everyone’s neck stand up and dance.
“A climate summit held in Copenhagen in December was determined to mobilize $100 billion a year by 2020 to help poor countries adapt to climate change and reduce emissions of carbon dioxide trapping the sun's heat. But the 120 world leaders who met in the Danish capital offered no ideas on how to raise that sum — $1 trillion every decade — prompting Ban to appoint his high-level advisory group.”
You can read about the high-level advisory group in the article if you want. It’s another UN pig trough of money for them to wallow in while they figure out how to steal the rest. As the scientists from Germany and Russia stated in the article I linked yesterday - It’s the sun, stupid. It’s cyclical and unavoidable we will have alternating periods of heat and cold. Nothing on earth will stop it – not stealing a trillion dollars a decade from taxpayers and not extorting more trillions on imaginary carbon credit trading markets from businesses. These gangsters at the UN know the jig is up if they can’t get world taxation theft in place before the sun does what all the trillions of dollars burglarized here on earth can’t – continue the cooling trend. We could really use a couple of charismatic world leaders who have the guts to stand up to this ridiculous world body of crooks. Remember folks, when the UN talks of taxing trillions of dollars they’re not talking about picking it off the UN money tree. They’re going to take it from us – at gunpoint if necessary, backed by their new emissary of enforcement with expanded powers even here in the USA by Presidential Amended Executive Order 12425 - Interpol.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Still Cooling

Here’s some good news. Actual climate scientists instead of climate mafia sock puppets revealed the Arctic summer temps plunged to Pre-Industrial Revolution readings. This of course means it’s the Sun and not CO2 much to the Carbon Credit Traders’ disappointment. It probably won’t mean anything to world governments taxing their populations into destitution to fix the imaginary future apocalypse though. The dirty secret is if the Climate Mafia can’t pretend to the public they’re doing something by taxing the crap out of us, then the scam dies a natural death when cyclical cooling continues as it is now. Yes I know it’s still hot in the desert in August. I also know taxing people a trillion dollars trying to make the Mojave desert, or for that matter Warren, Ohio cool in August will not work… sorry… that’s just the way it is.  :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Weight Loss Hell

A few years back my left Achilles Tendon got stomped while playing basketball in a pickup game I’d been playing in for decades. If you’ve never had it happen avoid the experience at all costs. It took me eighteen months before I stopped gimping around because with working at the shop every day I needed to wrap it and keep going. The only added problem with the recovery was favoring the leg and getting my back acting up because of it. Using an inversion table I bought out of desperation after not sleeping for three days realigned me. Then it was just a matter of playing ball with my Grandson, work, and chores. Although I’ve always done 75 – 100 sit-ups and push-ups, and walked for twenty minutes daily for many years, my weight snuck up to 213. At five feet eleven I can carry that pretty well because I fill out everywhere. I knew though it was time to shed the weight so I could start backpacking, scuba diving and playing basketball again. The one thing I believed about weight loss was you couldn’t do it by throwing money at it – by trying to pay the pounds off with gym memberships, fancy machines, and expensive pills.
My daughter had a Jillian Michaels DVD called ‘No More Trouble Zones’ she didn’t like so she gave it to me back in February. It’s about fifty minutes of pure torture… at least for a sixty year old. The twenty-something women in the video didn’t seem to mind that much. :) The DVD consists of a warm-up which is hell and eight circuits of workout that exercise every muscle in your body. I started doing the warm-up and four circuits four days a week alternating between the beginning of the disc and the end – then doing the full workout Saturday and Sunday after a Friday off. The only alteration to the workout I do is bending my knees slightly to avoid back pain and I march in place rather than go down on my knees in her ‘surrender’ exercise. Even with that and cutting my calorie intake down to 1500 a day I reached a plateau of 193 after three months. Losing weight at sixty requires almost a stick of dynamite. I started doing the full workout six days a week with only Sunday off and I would swim and do other stuff that day. Now, three months later I’ve hit 173 and like I told my wife I have four cans of my six-pack back. She thinks I’m too skinny but I’ve started playing basketball again on my Sunday off from Jillian and my goal as in the beginning is 168. Once I get there I might be able to cut the self-flagellation in half to maintain. My brother is coming from Texas for a visit and we’re going scuba diving. This September I hope to get up in the mountains on a backpacking trip again.
I wrote this post not as some self congratulatory exercise in ego, but to put out my belief there is no easy way to lose weight and you must have a very good scale which you must check obsessively. There is only mind numbing torture and persistence in this endeavor. I checked my blood pressure daily which dropped from my usual normal of 120 over 80 down to under 110 over 65. Not everyone can do this Jillian Michaels workout. It says right at the beginning to get checked out by a doctor first. My drive home from work every day for the last six months consisted of dread beyond belief. In addition to prayer two things helped me through – one was mimicking Jillian Michaels when I felt like passing out to make my wife laugh wherever she was in the house calling out ‘Don’t phone it in… don’t phone it in’ and ‘Work the glutes… work the glutes’ and ‘Dyin’ here… dyin’. The second thing was when I really started scraping the bottom for something to get me through I thought about the kids overseas fighting a war for our survival - in alternating soaring temps in the hundreds down to arctic conditions at other times - over terrain mountain goats avoid, all while battling a vicious bunch of psycho zombies hiding behind their women and children. Everything about weight loss after that was duck soup.
Oh yeah and thanks, Jillian… you sadistic bitch. :) I’m never going back up in weight… even if I have to have my wife lock me in a cell for thirty days on bread and water. That’s it, folks – the weight loss secret – torturous workouts and partial starvation - and if you want to keep it off you can forget about any food you ever liked for the rest of your days. Amen brothers and sisters. :)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Mexican Drug Cartel 'Hit'

Is there any doubt about what the real stakes are in Arizona’s illegal immigration law being enforced with a Mexican Drug Cartel offering a one million dollar bounty on Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s head? Fully armed Predator Drones on the border are looking better with each passing day. Unarmed National Guard troops without authority to do anything will not make a bit of difference on the border. Arizona type enforcement inside our borders will. This proposed ‘hit’ on a United States law enforcement officer by a drug cartel would have constituted an act of war in past generations. Something other than appeasement will be needed from our government after this threat to our sovereignty.