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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


First let me make this statement before I go on. I believe Hillary Clinton during her run for the Presidency saw President Obama’s real birth certificate. If there had been any way she could have nuked his run for the White House, she’d have done it. Therefore, I’m not a Birther. I don’t believe in the boogeyman but I believe in Hillary Clinton. The last person on earth you want tearing up your personal life for tidbits to use against you is Hillary and the Clinton political machine. If any folks think the Republicans leaked evidence of Barack Obama doing coke, or being mentored by Marxist bombers William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, or preached to for twenty years by Marxist America hater Jeremiah Wright, or attached to quid pro quo backroom real estate deals with felon Tony Rezko – they are incredibly na├»ve. Each one of those revelations came at a time when Hillary needed a boost on the campaign trail. That none of it was enough to catapult her over him must have frosted her cookies but good. If she had proof Obama wasn’t a born in the USA candidate, Hillary would have nailed him with it the moment they drove the rest of the candidates from the race.
That said, I read this really weird yet fascinating article by Joan Swirsky outlining all the Birther related conspiracy stuff being gathered. I had no idea how many threads going in all directions existed fueling this movement. I believe they’re all getting sucked in and when the Birther movement has ascended to fever pitch, President Obama will show the goods. I think McCain should have played the same game when the media and Democrats went after him, forcing him to substantiate his natural born status. McCain threw away a great publicity ploy by simply proving his status. In any case, Ms. Swirsky’s article is terrifically put together with a combination of innuendo and suspense. Hillary will laugh if she reads it.  :)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Russian Followup

The Russian security people think the planners responsible for the suicide train station bombings may be attached to the terror groups on the Afghan/Pakistan border area. You can bet if they find a general area for a strike the Russians won’t give a crap about collateral damage. If I were running our CIA, I’d be making target material available and attractive for the Russians. The UN won’t even look sideways at the Russians no matter what they do and the Russians won’t be reading anybody their rights first either.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Another Religion of Peace Travesty

Russia, responsible for nuclear technology and weapons sales to terrorist nations, found out how much the religion of peace cares about help from infidels. The death toll is still rising on yet another suicide bombing by Islamic religion of peace followers at the Lubyanka and Park Kultury train stations – this time two women. I thought when Russia dedicated publicly to fight an anti-terrorist war after the Beslan school hostage tragedy in 2004, it would mean the Russians would stop arming terrorist nations. Not so. Iran’s nuclear technology came directly from the Russians. The roadside bombs killing our troops are said to be Iranian design. Baloney! You can bet dollars to donuts the Russians taught them. I’m hoping this latest tragedy might stop the terrorist enablers in Russia but I’m not holding my breath in anticipation. God rest the souls of Russia’s innocents, blown up by soul-less ghouls with love of nothing other than death.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Monster Government

This article on 2,000 congressional staffers making over six figure incomes while crafting socialist health care bills they are exempt from hits home to what the common American citizen hates about our government puppet masters. Unlike the class warfare politicos who stir up hatred toward anyone making a dollar more than someone else I’ve never given a thought to entrepreneurs making fortunes in America. Aspiring to greatness and achieving it is what made America great. Most fortunes here were made by people who created and produced a product people wanted and bought. Not so in our elitist congress.

Wouldn’t it be refreshing if the people we elect and pay exorbitant wages to actually worked while they screwed us, all while being exempt from whatever ridiculous boondoggles like socialist health care they foisted on the rest of us? Whether you’re a leftist Anti-American, Che T-shirt wearing anarchist or a right wing, gun toting, commie behind every tree Attila the Hun – don’t you think it would be appropriate for our representatives in elected government office to actually do the job rather than create millionaires out of political hack minions. Maybe… just maybe… if these weasels had to actually write their own bills we wouldn’t have a two thousand page document made up of obfuscations even the authors don’t understand. A strong first step to recovering our nation as it would have been for healing our health care is fire all the damn lawyers. Look, if the American populace elects representatives on the basis they wish to turn America into a Venezuelan dictatorship at least let’s make it so the jerks have to do it in a language we can understand while crafting our downfall with their own hands. I don’t think it’s right we have tax cheats crafting and enforcing tax law or lawyers in charge of tort reform. These supposed elected servants of the people hand over their four word orders to a team of lawyer staffers for the express purpose of creating documents no one can understand and no one can be blamed for. I’m like a lot of angry Americans – if I’m getting screwed on a blind date at least take the bag off your fracking head so I can see whose doin’ the deed.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Missile Defense

A plethora of subjects in the news I am completely opposed to President Obama with I’ve mentioned and blogged about here before, including Global Warming, Health Care, Partial Birth Abortion, Taxes, United States Sovereignty,  etc. I’ve always believed it’s not who’s right or wrong. To me it’s always been what’s right or wrong. President Obama did something right. Even though I disagree with making any treaty with absolute lying entities like Russia or China, at least President Obama refused to include our missile defense systems in this latest one sided disarmament plot. The Russians wanted us to drop missile defense in the worst way because we proved it can be done and they don’t have a clue. That will probably change when some sellout here gives the technology away like they did with MIRV technology to the Chinese, enabling them to make attacks on the continental USA during the Clinton administration. Prior to that traitorous debacle China couldn’t get one off the launch pad, let alone have it hit anything. I won’t dwell on the ifs of this latest foray into one sided disarmament, but at least we still have missile defense. Whether President Obama stood fast against the Russians because he knew the Senate would not ratify the treaty without excluding missile defense or not, the important thing is we still have it.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Global Warming Genocide Gambit

I’ll let the headline speak for this new piece of Global Warming idiocy - National Geographic Warns Global Warming Leads to Increased Violence... Possibly Even 'Genocide'. So, let me see. Does that mean when Hitler committed genocide against the Jews there was too much CO2 in the air? What about the genocide between the Tutsis and Hutus that has gone on for generations. I guess throwing out common sense and logic is a key to making apocalyptic claims with your carbon credit investments going up in smoke. We’ll have to depend on the UK Telegraph or other media to ask the burning question when did National Geographic invest in the Carbon Market and how much do they stand to lose now that the GW fairytale is starting to get a happy ending? This ditz Ker Than who wrote the piece for National Geographic was citing a study from a sociologist named Matthew DeLisi who based his paper on statistics from 1950 – 2008 so the 6 million Jews killed by Hitler didn’t really make it into his report. Uncle Joe Stalin and Chairman Mao killed over a hundred million of their own people but DeLisi didn’t want to confuse anyone with real genocide numbers. DeLisi made another statement about his report which was unintentionally funny. He admitted, “there are factors other than temperature to consider such as more interaction with people and more opportunity for crime.” Ya think!?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Trojan Health Care

I meant to do a more detailed examination of our new Socialist Health Care government takeover plan but this cartoon covers it so well it’s worth a thousand words. If they had included people lining up and being refused treatment because they were too old, fat, cigarette smokers, or suffering a disease too costly to treat, the cartoon would be perfect. :)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Deathcare 2010 Exemptions

There is a very disturbing loophole in America’s newly passed Socialist Health Care – those who are exempt from signing up for Deathcare 2010. Along with all our congressional representatives, President, and Supreme Court who will continue getting their superlative health care which is too good for us peons, all of the staffers who created Deathcare 2010 are exempt too. Isn’t that wonderful? I sure hope Premier Danny Williams from Canada can still come down for his follow up care.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Setback For The French Climate Mafia

Well, there’s good news for the French economy. The government decided not to go forward on a carbon tax in order to keep French business on a competitive basis with other European countries. Because businesses don't pay taxes, consumers do - this is also great news for the French buying public. The governments always try the class warfare ruse of  "Let's tax that evil business" knowing every second they're taxing us consumers. This news is certainly a refreshing change since all the left leaning politicos here in the USA always wonder what we can do to be more like the French. Now they have an answer – stop taxing our businesses into oblivion and get rid of the Carbon Credit Climate Mafia connection in Washington. Vive La France!  :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

There Go The Flowers

Add one more item to the growing list of Global Warming threats – flowers may lose their scent.

If the GW worldwide money grab wasn’t so destructive we could all get a laugh out of this carnival act, horror-tent show. I wonder what the Climate Mafia will think of next. At least they haven’t included impotence yet… so I have that going for me. :)  Here’s the complete malady list Global Warming is causing in case you need a laugh today.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lady Luck

Here’s a little light hearted article if you can see the irony in it. A British man won 4.9 million dollars in the lottery one day after finalizing his divorce. He and his ex-wife are the best of friends with a daughter. Knowing the British tax laws he’ll probably only get to keep about ten bucks anyway. It’s a pretty entertaining story though. :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Against The Wind

The Health Care Socialism act isn’t the only thing being considered for ratification while bypassing the American people and the Constitution. Cap and Trade (the Carbon Trading Mafia Protection Act) will be instituted behind the backs of the American people too. Since they can’t pass the Carbon Trading Scam with a Constitutional vote in what we thought was our representative government, our leaders have decided to use the EPA Gestapo and create their own extortion syndicate to trade in imaginary carbon credits. While the European Union’s Climate Mafia is losing its grip on the Carbon Credit Trading Market Hoax, our government has decided to create a new one.

My hero, Walter E Williams, takes a scathing look at the environmental ‘Experts’ from the last fifty years. They’ve lied and cheated over their careers to the point if they were regular citizens instead of pointy headed intellectuals, all of them would be doing time in prison. Instead of jailing these carnival barkers Professor Williams explains how the scientific community recycles the hucksters into new scams to steal our money.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

And Then The Rains Came

The Goracle has spoken again. The Northeast rain storms according to Al Goracle stemmed from Global Warming. I realize this buffoon stands to lose a fortune when his Global Warming pyramid scheme implodes and takes the carbon market trading scam with it but he’s really losing it now. If we have a drought – it’s GW. If it storms – it’s GW. If the glaciers retreat – it’s GW. If the glacier ice increases – it’s GW. If there’s a larger number of hurricanes – it’s GW. If there’s an unusually small number of hurricanes – it’s GW. I guess at this rate I’ll be able to blame my cat pissing on the carpet on GW. Go away, Goracle… please… just go away… you pathetic huckster.


Monday, March 15, 2010

UK Government Run Health Care

This article from the Times Online airs out new studies on the UK’s National Health Service that should be frightening to any folks here in America thinking Socialized Medicine is a cure for anything. With common sense fixes for our own excellent health care system it could be even more of the health care standard bearer, where when heads of state the world around need health care, they come here. Lawyers, Illegal Immigration, and non-portability over state lines are dragging our system down. Our Government can't even control our own borders but they want to run our health care system? Contrary to the theory that government needs to run health care what we really need is NO government in our healthcare system. We are already the leaders in new medicines, surgical techniques, and cutting edge therapies. Our medical professionals have won the Nobel Peace Prize in Medicine more than any other country on Earth because they worked within a capitalist system which rewards achievement, innovation, and hard work.The Times article illustrates the losers in Socialized Medicine - the citizens.


Friday, March 12, 2010

The Poor Carbon Traders... Not!

This article made me want to laugh and blow something up, all at the same time. It appears thanks to the light finally shining on the greatest global fraud ever perpetrated on legitimate businesses and taxpayers worldwide, the once lucrative huckster carbon trading market is drying up. The carbon traders are crying they may get pink slips. Well Boo… Fracking… Hoo! You’ve all stolen a gazillion dollars from taxpayers all over the globe and bankrupted God only knows how many businesses while extorting a fortune from the others with your imaginary carbon credits and Al Goracle Global Warming scam. Instead of worrying about pink slips these thieves should be worrying about prison time.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pass The Bill... Or Else

I have such a low opinion of politicians I seldom comment on any one politico because they are all capable of words and deeds that would make lawyers and used car salesmen blush. Therefore I’m seldom surprised by what they say and do. The Representative from my state currently the Speaker of the House surprised me for the first time in a long while. Nancy Pelosi’s statement concerning the Socialist Health Care Bill is one of the most blatantly pathetic blurt-outs I can remember in recent history. About a bill seeking the takeover of health care in the United States by a government completely clueless as to how even a simple small business runs Speaker of the House Pelosi said, “But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy."

That’s politician speak for ‘Don’t worry. By the time you find out how we’ve screwed you over, the legislation will be a nice fat entitlement package you won’t ever be able to get rid of’.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Be Afraid

Two very different but related stories about the religion of peace surfaced over the weekend. This first article details how religion of peace acolytes slaughtered 500 Christians in Nigeria, including men, women and children. You might wonder what world reaction amounted to in wake of this new murderous Islamic reality illustration. The UN is ‘deeply concerned’ and the Vatican reaction hit a strong note that they were ‘deeply saddened’. When Israel bombs a suicide bomb belt factory in Gaza responsible for the execution of their citizens, the world goes nuts with condemnation. 500 Christians get slaughtered and it’s ho hum time at World Inc.
My second article expresses C.A.I.R (Council on American-Islamic Relations) concern over armed militia and patriotic groups being on a huge rise in America. They of course refer to all the groups as anti-government and anti-immigrant. I believe a lot more American citizens are reading about Islamic atrocities throughout the rest of the world while our media turns a blind eye to it – even to the point of enabling murderous groups like Hamas, Hezbollah, and Islamic Jihad to name but a few. We’re watching our leaders racing toward one world order holding our burning stars and stripes in one hand and a bag with our shredded Constitution in the other. We’re watching our leaders suck up to Terrorist backing groups like C.A.I.R. while installing people with Terrorist backgrounds in places of power within our own government – all while morons like Homeland Security Chief Napolitano lists Christian groups and returning veterans as potential threats to the nation’s security. Be afraid C.A.I.R., be very afraid – we simple peons still clinging to the Second Amendment by tooth and claw don’t plan on huddling in our hovels like those poor Christians in Nigeria. Contrary to Hollywood’s anti-American crapolla movies creating Terrorist groups out of everyone but the Middle Eastern Islamists perpetrating destruction throughout the world, we American working grunts know it ain’t the militias, returning veterans, and lowly Christians wrecking havoc on innocent people across planet Earth’s surface - And We're Armed.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Inconvenient Facts

One of the best roundups concerning the Global Warming Fraud’s implosion accompanied their hilarious cartoon above from the Weekly Standard. It’s a very entertaining article assembling all the money weasels in the Climate Change Mafia, coupled with their desperate attempts to save the Carbon Trading Market incorporating daily cries of approaching doom.

National Review uses reality to illustrate the enormous costs and ineffectiveness of Solar Power in this no nonsense snapshot of side by side power producers. If you’ve ever wondered why if solar power is so great how come private enterprises aren’t racing to build them, the reason is the same as with wind turbine farms – you would have to spend every waking moment maintaining them while you blotted out the earth’s surface getting enough of them to produce an adequate power output.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Healthcare Horror

Another socialized medicine horror story posted by the UK Mail Online, or in the United States’ case, a portent of our own disastrous socialized medicine pursuit -
I realize it’s easier for us in America to hear all the pleasing platitudes of group think medicine while shutting out evidence in real time from countries with this nationalized health care nightmare, but at least thanks to the UK Telegraph, UK Mail Online, Canada Free Press and other foreign media we won’t be able to claim we weren’t warned. Socialized Medicine, like it’s evil twin Global Warming, has absolutely nothing to do with saving us peons and everything to do with power, control, and redistribution of wealth.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Avatar Infringement

Here’s an interesting piece of trivia. An unknown author is suing James Cameron. The author came up with a figure of 162 million dollars he wants for copyright infringement concerning the movie ‘Avatar’. Beijing’s Zhou Shaomou claims he couldn’t get a publishing contract and released his Sci-Fi novel in 1997 on-line where supposedly ten million people have read it. You can read what similarities he’s basing his suit on here:
I doubt there’s any recourse after he put it out on-line but maybe he’s hoping Cameron will simply pay him something to go away. If Shaomou has a case I’d like to see him get paid but I’m even more interested in whether Cameron actually did base ‘Avatar’ on Shaomou’s novel. I’m thinking it’s more coincidental than anything. With Hollywood, they come out with so few original plots it can be difficult for anyone to not see something familiar in one of their movies.  :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Time Warp

I must write about the time loop here at my auto repair shop. No matter how much time passes between visits from some of my customers, what I did to their car or truck took place in the Sci-Fi like golden era of a few months. For these customers all repairs were done in a ‘Time Warp’ of ninety days.
‘You just worked on my car.’ ‘Ever since you replaced my (fill in the blank) my truck has (fill in the blank).’ ‘I can’t understand this – it was fine before the last time you worked on it.’ Even those who admit later to the problem now plaguing them happening after visits to another shop start off on the time loop theory when they decide my help is needed. These folks conveniently never have a receipt. Thanks to intricate file keeping which I can access in minutes the ‘Time Warp’ has mostly been a source of amusement to share with my wife when I get home.
The inspiration for my subject today came from a woman customer of mine I will refer to as Justina Fewmonthsago. Justina walked in yesterday claiming she had brake noise and an oil leak.
“You just checked out my Dodge for brakes and oil leaks. You told me everything was fine.”
The air around us began to take on a grainy aspect as the Nilson Brothers Garage ‘Time Warp’ enveloped the inside of my shop. The street outside blurred slightly. I could almost see the rampant effects of the Warp halt all movement beyond the entrance. 3 D images of my shop in the past stamped themselves over present day, confusing the lines of sanity. I rubbed my face. The skin felt younger (yeah right). Quickly mumbling something about holding on, I raced into the office hoping to reverse the ‘Time Warp’ before it endangered all of civilization. Moments later with Justina’s records in hand the time loop vanished. Present day colors and sounds roared slowly back into our consciousness as if it were a steam engine locomotive starting out from the station.
“Ms. Fewmonthsago.” I hold up her record. “I checked your vehicle for brake condition and leaks in August of 2007.”
“Well… I hope you’re not going to charge me for checking it over again.”
“Uh… yeah I am. Would you like to make an appointment?”
Once again the infamous Nilson Brothers Garage ‘Time Warp’ had been defeated by valiant record keeping. God Bless America!  :)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Los Angeles Carbon Tax

With all the financial and crime problems Los Angeles faces, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa decided a new carbon tax is just the ticket to cure their ills. Never mind the Global Warming hoax and resultant Carbon Credit Trading Mafia are in freefall all over the world – the mayor wants money for alternate energy sources which don’t work. The money he’s already scammed from the Los Angeles taxpayers has disappeared down his political rat-hole. It appears he’s taken a page from some of the UK’s leaders, hoping to steal as much money as  possible in carbon taxes before the fraud is ended. With the violently out of control illegal alien gang problems in his city, you’d think Mayor Villaraigosa would be figuring out new methods to protect his constituents rather than new methods of robbing them.,0,4539226.story