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Friday, July 30, 2010

Terror Partnership

In addition to the obvious dangers illegal immigration represents in filling our prisons, emergency rooms, violent gangs, schools, and job slots, the invasion also brings together a vicious coalition between Hezbollah and the Drug Cartels. Brigitte Gabriel from the New York Post highlights a much more important facet of ignoring our nation’s border security in the article below. The idiocy surrounding this ceding of United States territory to a Drug Cartel/Hezbollah partnership smuggling terror and death into our land is insanity beyond belief.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Global Warming Invasion

The Climate Mafia is pulling out all the stops with this new apocalyptic prophesy. They tie in mass migration of Mexicans to the US because of Global Warming. To say these criminal nitwits trying to save their precious carbon market scam have become a joke is a vast understatement. This new farce pronouncement comes on the heels of a possible dismissal of ‘Cap & Trade’ which would have thrown us into an economic depression we may never have surfaced from. Until some of these thieves are thrown into prison we can expect this ridiculous propaganda media machine to continue. Next, it will be mass invasion of the Russians and Chinese into the US looking for ways to stay cool. Mama Mia!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New York Heat

The New York Post reminds people with this article about the lunacy of believing the global warming scam artists telling us every hot day in the summer breaks a new record. In 1896 New York suffered through a hell on earth for ten days in August and no one drove SUV’s. The temps were in the 120’s with the brutal heat killing 1300 people.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Oliver Stone in 'Context'

If you’ve ever wondered how looney Director Oliver Stone really is, try reading this article where he claims the evil Jewish lobby prevents filmmakers from portraying Hitler in ‘context’. His new series puts mass murderer Stalin in ‘context’ too with America of course as the evil entity defaming all the innocent monsters of genocide. One thing I’ve wondered is how a director in Hollywood could make so many incredible bombs at the box office and still find money backers to make more. Now I know. The historical ‘context’ for his movies so far can be categorized as ‘lies’ and ‘damn lies’. The old phrase about a man being known by the company he keeps applies very well to this scumbag who pals around with all the living murderous dictators in the world. I’m sure marching the Israelis into the sea could be put into ‘context’ by Oliver very easily today with money backing from his buddies Ahmadinejad and Chavez.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Clarity of Night Flash Fiction Entry

I’ve never won, placed, or garnered an honorable mention in the ‘Clarity of Night’ short fiction contest over the last few years I’ve been entering, but it was always fun coming up with a flash fiction entry along with reading other writers’ fiction. Because there have been so many entries, Jason from ‘Clarity of Night’ who hosts the contest had to limit the ones posted to top forties scoring. I can sure understand the headache of posting all of them. Reading all the entries so I could vote for the top five in the Reader’s Choice part of the contest was always a challenge. I can imagine how tough it is setting up the entries and posting them. In any case, mine didn’t make the top forties scoring so I’ll do a flash fiction post here with my entry and the picture above Jason based the contest 'Uncovered' on. Comment here if you wish and be sure to check out the top forties qualifiers over at ‘Clarity of Night’. They are exceptionally good. It’s going to be another tough vote for the Reader’s Choice award.  :)

A Dish Best Served Cold

The stones tumbled from the gasping man’s hand into a brown thatch peaking up from the snow. He twisted onto his side, holding a hand up in pleading fashion, spitting blood in order to talk.
“There! Take them and be damned!”
“You nearly killed my wife taking them. She’ll be in physical therapy for a year. I plan on making the next half hour seem like a year to you.”
“She… she wouldn’t tell me where they were hidden. I…”
A hiking boot in the stomach jackknifed the prone man, leaving him with no air to talk or scream with. His attacker waited.
“Don’t… don’t hurt me anymore. I’ll give you anything… I’ll…”
“I found everything you had while finding you. How’d you think I tracked you here? Your two accomplices that held Jolene down while you raped and beat her ratted out quick. They died faster than you will be.”
“Go to hell!” The man spat more blood, flailing for handholds to inch away, gathering strength for a last ditch attempt to fight back.
The boot launched again, stomping knees. Another scream echoed in the bleak landscape. The avenger knelt next to his victim’s sobbing form.
“Been in hell three weeks waiting for my Jolene to come out of her coma. She’s a fighter. Her first words described you three cretins. Let me show you a preview of hell.”
The rapist died twenty minutes later. His killer walked away without a glance at his victim or the cursed stones.

Illegal Alien Felons

When backing Governor Brewer and Arizona in their battle for the right of self-defense against the invasion across our borders, here are some very relevant statistics to take into consideration. Illegal aliens make up 14.8% of Arizona’s prison population while representing only 7% of Arizona’s population - and these crimes they’re in prison for are not because they were stopped while illegal. Drug running, murder, rape, and kidnapping are their offenses, a supposed criminologist named James Alan Fox, states at the end of the article come with being poor. Fox’s quote of the day is ‘the rich get richer; the poor get prison’. I got news for this jackass – I grew up poor as did most of the United States citizenry and drug running, murder, rape, and kidnapping were not on our list of things to do with our lives. Apologists like this moron Fox illustrate why personal responsibility is disappearing from our culture. I’d trade Fox at the border any day for one hard working Mexican who wanted to become a United States citizen. The number of illegal aliens in Arizona prisons is staggering, yet the Fed’s take Arizona to court and post stay off the United States property signs where the Drug Cartels smuggle drugs and illegal aliens. Could this situation be more upside down?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Phone Terror Scam

Yesterday my Mother-In-Law back in Ohio called my wife in a panic. She had received a call from police supposedly in Mexico claiming my Daughter, her fiancĂ©, and my grandson had been in an accident. They were okay but it would take $5,000 to get them released. My M.I.L. was to get the money transferred immediately from her bank – all of this while my Daughter is supposedly screaming for Grandma in the background not to call us. They said they would call back in forty-five minutes. The wife’s Mom fell for it and went to her bank where the real heroine of the day, a bank employee, told her not to do anything until she received more information including calling my wife.
I apprise my wife of all the scams going on, including the E-mail scam where dirtbags hijack a person’s E-mail address and send out help pleas from foreign countries to loved ones saying they had an accident and lost their money, begging for money transfers they’ll pay back. My wife immediately told her Mom not to do anything, that it was a scam, and she would prove it. She called my Daughter who of course was at work - then called me. I got the Cleveland, Ohio FBI number off the Internet and my M.I.L. called them. We may or may not find out if they manage to get these people in the follow-up but their phone number had Indonesian and Southern USA threads. These scammers may have garnered the family info off of any number of places like My Space, Facebook, Twitter… whatever. I’m betting it was my Daughter’s Facebook page.
I’m posting this because it’s important to let family and friends know about all the fraud ploys stemming from the Internet. They’ve expanded the fraud to physical phone calls with imitators crying for help in the background, preying on older folks like my M.I.L. who don’t know what’s going on. Don’t ask me why an otherwise intelligent woman would immediately go to her bank rather than call my wife – that will have to remain a mystery. :) Thankfully a woman at the bank saved my M.I.L. from doing something really stupid.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sniper Fire

To add fuel to the fire Oakland Mayor and City Council has blazing by their inability to run the city a sniper began targeting Oakland Police Officers. After the layoff of eighty police officers in Oakland our police force encountered a new deadly threat – sniper fire. Thanks to officials parading around with protestors of the Mehserle verdict instead of making sure the public knew Mehserle was a Bay Area Rapid Transit officer not an Oakland police officer we have the gangbangers believing it’s open season on police in Oakland. This new outrage comes on the heels of Oakland publishing a list of crimes they will no longer send the police out on.
Our officials made Oakland a sanctuary city in direct violation of Federal law, enabling Oakland to become another nesting place for illegal alien gangbangers like MS-13. They’ve issued a boycott of Arizona in opposition to a state trying to save their residents within the law. They’ve assumed blame in front of crowds protesting the verdict in a shooting that has nothing to do with Oakland police or residents. They’ve run the city in the red for so long the police officers still employed probably wonder if they’ll get a paycheck for working while taking sniper fire.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Oakland Police Layoffs

Oakland’s leaders laid off eighty Oakland Police Officers last week due to the mayor and city council running the city into the ground financially. Entitlement programs, pork, payoffs, and stupidity combine for a flawless recipe in Oakland to make sure we never balance our budget. The city uses the utility companies to rob residents and businesses in Oakland of vast amounts of money they never account for. For example, the city leaders increase Oakland’s ‘Sewer Tax’ continually using the water district utility to extort money for them under the cover of being ‘Green’. This process of secondary thievery is repeated in every bill where you read the fine print under taxes and fees. Yet even with these ill gotten gains, Oakland’s leaders can never meet a budget. So now we end up with eighty less police officers and a list of crimes which will no longer be pursued – nice of our city leaders to publish the ‘free from pursuit’ items in the article so the crooks have a ‘to do’ list. I have a budget cutting idea – get rid of the mayor and city council. They are proven failures. They don’t back the police department and the only thing they’ve done recently is hold hands with rioters looting the city.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Oakland Riot Aftermath of Congratulations

Heather MacDonald for the Weekly Standard nails last week’s Oakland Riots over the Mehserle Verdict perfectly in this article. Our city officials in Oakland have been patting themselves on the back for the way rioters only damaged a hundred businesses, set fires in the streets, and assaulted police officers declaring ‘it could have been worse’. Yeah, I guess they could have blown up the city. The fact remains Oakland’s officials from Mayor Ron Dellums down the line handcuffed the police and actually aggravated the situation by never pointing out the shooting was done by an under trained Bay Area Transit Officer not an Oakland Police Officer. They never mentioned the city didn’t burn when a murderous thug gunned down four of Oakland’s police force in cold blood. Don’t think for a moment hesitation on the part of those martyred officers didn’t have something to do with their deaths. Our police force must hit the streets knowing if they have to shoot in self defense they will still possibly be brought up on murder charges and the Mayor and city council will abandon them like a used Kleenex. Thank you, Ms. MacDonald for shining some light on our ridiculous city officials here in Oakland who joined the demonstrations rather than proclaiming why the demonstrations were illogical and misguided.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Windows 7 Source Code

Microsoft gave over all its source code for Windows 7 to Russia. The author of this article from ZDNET goes over why this piece of news is so astonishingly stupid. His links inside the article paste together a very frightening picture. I’ve always admired Bill Gates. Along with being nearly the richest man in the world, he is also one of the world’s biggest employers and philanthropists. He’s survived yearly extortion from the government and no matter how liberal he is nothing short of pictures of him and his family in a soup line wearing rags will ever be enough for his jealous liberal compatriots. The turnover of Microsoft Windows 7 source code, if true to this author’s accounting, is treason and a betrayal of Microsoft users. I can’t help but hope this is a bunch of crap the government made up in yet another extortion attempt. It seems if Gates doesn’t fill every politician’s pockets with money every year the government launches another investigation until he does.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Free The Chakra

First off, as anyone who has read my blog since Al Goracle compared his Global Warming Scam to fighting the Nazi’s in WWII knows, I have listed a multitude of lies and hypocrisies by his highness ‘The Goracle’ - including his multi-million dollar Montecito Estate bought with carbon credit monopoly money. I did not write about his impending divorce or the masseuse claims of getting groped by the Goracle. I am linking this article about his accuser failing a lie detector test about being groped. Although I believe Al Goracle to be an arrogant, lying, con-artist, rodeo clown perpetrating the most criminally damaging worldwide scam ever attempted, the accusations claiming him to be a sexual predator always did seem to have a lot of holes. His accuser’s past and her failure of a lie detector test requested by her own lawyer will most likely close this case. No matter how one may feel about ‘The Goracle’, it’s nearly impossible to believe that a guy who can afford a ten million dollar villa would be groping fifty something hotel masseuses.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Tortoise Finds Love

This tortoise is the same age as I am so his search for love was an interesting diversion today. The video clip showing him cuddling with a plastic tortoise the refuge owner put in with him will put a smile on your face. He won’t even go into his shelter at night unless they put his plastic friend ‘Tanya’ in first. It just goes to show you’re never too old to find love.  :)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

New Carbon Reduction Plan

I’ve run across so many insane articles on the Global Warming Scam lately, it’s been hard to choose between people treating heat waves in the summer as if they had never happened before to scientists warning that big eaters cause climate change. This Twilight Zone solution from Belgium to reduce carbon emissions may boost their earnings on the Carbon Credit Trading Market hoax but it will give any other sane person the willies. Paranormal writers in particular who use cemeteries as literary fodder will have to cross Belgium off the paranormal locale list. On the other hand, what you read in this article about Belgium’s carbon footprint reduction idea will completely end all threat from vampires and zombies. Hey, at least the Carbon Credit Mafia hasn’t decided to use the dead as food capsules like in the movie ‘Soilent Green’… yet.  :)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The New Black Panthers

This is the case concerning voter intimidation Attorney General Eric Holder threw out. Pay close attention to the end of this video clip. The vitriol in what this guy says about white people provoked YouTube comments just as disturbing in a number of ways. There is no cure for this but hoping it will go away instead of facing it makes no sense either.

First off concerning the poll intimidation, if the Iraqis can go vote with purple colored fingers in the face of terrorists bombing the poll place, I’d be a pretty sad example of an American being scared from my voting booth by these two cheap punks. To keep me from voting they better plan on using those clubs and finishing the job because I’ll be back and I won’t be bringing a club. To all the people who believe these assholes are representative of black Americans I am in my fourth decade fixing cars and trucks in Oakland. I also have loyal black customers now in the fourth generation of their families bringing vehicles to me for repair. They abhor punks like the ones in the film just as much as any other American. What makes the situation intolerable is when the federal government voids legitimate voter intimidation convictions under Department of Justice’s Eric Holder, who is quickly becoming a shining beacon of hypocritical and racist application of federal law.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Gangbanger Update

The Grandfather of Oscar Grant, the shooting victim of former Transit Officer Mehserle who was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter, pleaded for calm to a crowd in Oakland last night. He invoked reason and Martin Luther King in a TV interview with local news after he spoke to the crowd, probably doing as much to tone down the violence as the police did. Oscar Grant Sr. reasoned for peace with the crowd, rightly pointing out it does no good at all to destroy the place where we live and work. It took a lot of courage for him to speak like he did for the rest of Oakland and surrounding areas in spite of the tragic shooting of his Grandson. I have a Grandson. I can only imagine the pain he must feel in losing his.
Oscar Grant Sr.’s plea did not fall on deaf ears with the residents outraged in reality over the verdict, but of course after dark the looters and pillagers did what they were always going to do no matter what the verdict had been. They could have hanged Mehserle after the trial in the public square and it would have meant nothing to the roving bands of street thugs smashing windows and looting. The same cheap punks who lost no one rioted because that’s what they do, and they insulted the words of a man who actually did lose someone he loved.
Mayor Dellums called in police and CHP from surrounding areas to help in stopping the pillagers, but they made only fifty arrests because you can bet they were ordered to let everything but the most heinous felonies take place. Smashing into stores and destroying property was not to be interfered with in the rules of engagement. Although throwing what the media calls high intensity fireworks at police had to be endured rather than battled, the police held the lines although they were allowed to do little. The media’s laughingly daubed ‘powerful fireworks’ are in many cases almost small sticks of dynamite. A true leader would have issued a curfew through the weekend and arrested anyone with any means necessary that stepped out after dark. The real police, residents, and business owners of Oakland who are innocent victims of these thugs deserve no less. It’s going to be a long weekend because the pillagers still own the darkness.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Many of you have heard about the shooting in an Oakland Bart station involving an Oakland Bart Police Officer shooting an unarmed young man. A very nice policewoman came around with a flyer for me yesterday from the city fathers telling me I should stay tuned for the verdict. If it looks bad the flyer says I should have emptied out my cash drawer, boarded up my business, put in closed circuit TV to record my business being attacked, and take pictures for the police after I come back to the devastation. I mentioned to the Oakland Policewoman maybe it would be better if our Mayor Ron Dellums didn’t surrender the city and put all sheriff’s departments, CHP officers, and Oakland police on alert to flood the city after the verdict and patrol to keep residents and businesses safe. Dellums decided instead to surrender.
This verdict, good or bad, will not dissuade the gangbangers waiting for any excuse to rape and plunder our city. Only real city leaders backing the oft maligned police, CHP, and sheriff s’ departments confronting these gangs with deadly force will stop this debacle. Our mayor and city council know these riots if they happen tonight will have nothing to do with justice or the verdict and everything to do with the gangs knowing our leaders plan to surrender the city. I’ve been in the demilitarized zone of East Oakland since 1976. I own the business, building, and land. It will be very bad if I have visitors to my place tonight because I’ll be waiting. God bless the Second Amendment – still in effect here – unlike Chicago.

Insurgent Walkabout

If it didn’t seem so bad when last month authorities reported 17 members of the Afghan military went walkabout in the US with security passes, how about 46? Sometimes I think people reach upper echelons of the Pentagon, alphabet soup agencies, and political positions with a death wish for America. Who do these goofballs in charge listen to when they come up with student exchange programs like this, where our kids go over there to fight Islamists, and theirs come over here to disappear into Middle America with access to military bases? We’re doomed.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tiger Woods Spoof

Maybe everyone has seen this hilarious Saturday Night Live spoof of Tiger Woods but me. For those who haven't take a look. Very funny stuff but I won't take sides in the real life episodes between the couple. I make it a rule never to make unseemly comments about a woman who can use a golf club better than Tiger Woods.  :)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Attempted Honor Killing

I wonder if this plot by a ‘Harry Potter’ starlet’s father and brother might finally focus attention on ‘Honor Killings’ carried out around the Muslim world. Afshan Azad starred in four of the Harry Potter movies. Because she has been suspected of getting into a relationship with a Hindu man, her father and brother decided killing her was a necessary next step in a family’s duty. Losing a child you have raised from infancy is horrifying enough, but murdering your own child or sibling to assuage some insane idea of family honor crosses over into a nightmarish realm of lunacy. I’m glad this actress survived. It astonishes me the British court allowed her idiot father and brother loose on bail. Ms. Azad would be well advised to relocate somewhere she can carry a gun.

Friday, July 2, 2010


Since the subject of sword and sorcery has come up on a few blogs I thought this might be a good time to preview the first part of my novel Lancelot. It is an erotic romance but with plenty of sword and sorcery. This segment of the novel is before any erotica so no need to be afraid. :) Any comment regarding action or character interplay is most welcome.

Submission of [insert name of book here], by [insert your name here], to Carnal Desires Publishing

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Children Of The Death Cult Continues

Here’s another chapter in ‘Children of the Death Cult’ as the Taliban send children as young as five years old to plant bombs in Afghanistan along with weapons running. This child debasement will provoke the same outrage Palestinian children singing suicide bombing songs provoked in the religion of submission – another deafening silence. Incredibly, there are supposedly enlightened people still claiming we need to understand Muslim rage. No we don’t. If I see a rabid dog in the street I don’t try and commune with it. The enlightened say we need to respect their culture. No we don’t. When Muslims control an area, they desecrate all other religious places and kill anyone who refuses to submit – again, the rabid dog comparison fits. The basic reason for Islamists’ insane attacks throughout the world is because the rest of us won’t submit to their twisted culture. Since we won’t submit, they’ll do anything to kill us including using their own children as human bombs. We’d all be at peace if the leaders of this sickness had done what they’ve used their children to do. Osama and that one-eyed piece of human excrement Mullah Omar should have strapped on bombs at the beginning along with the rest of the Islamist psychopaths and went virgin hunting themselves. They were too terrified that after they blew themselves into bits and pieces the rest of the Islamic world would simply live their own lives and leave the outside world to do the same. I hope the world doesn’t lose their will to stop the Death Cult, because if they do, Muslim children won’t be the only ones sacrificed by these rabid dogs.