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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Russia's Pirate Solution

Naturally Russia figures out what to do with the pirate situation - amazing what happens when you don’t give a crap what the rest of the world thinks about you. When their ship gets taken they don’t negotiate, they don’t call the UN for directions, they don’t plead with the pirates, they take their ship back. Then Russia tells the rest of the world they put the pirates on an inflatable boat with a compass… uh huh, I bet they did. A little time passes and Russia announces the pirates ‘died’.
It’s time to stop playing ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’. Only one thing will convince these ‘Captain Jack’ wannabes to stop hijacking ships – death. Approach a ship and you get blown out of the water. Board a ship and you are executed when the ship is taken back. Start bombing the pirate enclaves with hellfire missiles. I do not believe with all the satellite surveillance we have where we can ID a Taliban terrorist in the mountains of Pakistan that we don’t know where these clowns are porting huge hijacked tankers. We need to follow Russia’s lead on this and take it to the next level. Let’s send in the Predator drones to pirate cove for some explosive recon. When the world balks at our heavy handed methods we tell them ‘it was justified’… or spin off from Russia’s communiqué – they ‘died’. Russia made the pirates ‘walk the plank’. Let’s go a step further and blow the damn plank off with them on it. They can have their 'talk like a pirate day' in hell.


Charles Gramlich said...

I can agree with the execution of pirates but I don't know about the hellfire missles into their "nests" so to speak. The problem with those kinds of weapons is they also kill indiscriminately and some folks in the pirate strongholds may be there against their will. We don't want to kill innocents.

BernardL said...

Yes they do, Charles. We didn't create the situation but to solve it we have to make sure no more people get taken or held against their will. If we never act because of innocents many more innocents will be harmed because of our inaction. That's just the way it is.

Bernita said...

Bernard, I agree with you.
Countries seems to have their fingers in their ears regarding piracy - they tolerate it. And that is very troubling.
I have to wonder how much of the ransome money is funneled to Al Queda.

whydibuy said...

I can't understand how a few lowlifes can even be allowed to board a ship.

Although I understand the U.S. all but denies ships the means or rights to self defense. No ship may enter U.S. waters armed.

Think of a ship with at least a 50 mm machine gun to fight off pirates. These highjackings would stop immediately.

Like all cowards, the pirates attack knowing the so called civilized world won't allow ships to fight back.

Ships today suffer from the liberal view of duty to retreat. As in the states in the past, the concept was carried to a point of prosecuting homeowners who fought back. Thus the wave of castle doctrine laws in response to the insanity of no self defense allowed. Ships are just behind the times I guess.

BernardL said...

Since Hizbul Islam (allied with an Al Qaeda branch Al-Shabaab) soldiers captured the pirate central base I would say quite a bit of the money will be funneled into terrorism worldwide, Bernita. Many of these countries paying ransoms will be paying for terrorism on their own soil with the money.

BernardL said...

I agree whydibuy. The policy now is for the crew to run for safety in a fortified section of the ship, locking out the pirates. It would be a lot less hassle to open up on approaching ships with machine guns or 20mm cannon. One trained sniper with a spotter on every ship could destroy an attack before the pirates ever got into range to fire rockets. I do not have a clue as to why we are allowing this modern day piracy with the weapons at our disposal nor do I understand talking about trials for pirates caught in the act. Handle them the Russian way - oops, they died.