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Friday, May 27, 2011

Sweet Home Alabama

There’s not been much in the way of good news out of Nature’s tornado attitude adjustment. This little dog made its way three hundred miles on two broken legs after being lost in the tornado Mason. They call him Mason the Miracle Dog. After reading how he made his way to the devastated front porch of his home in Alabama… I would have to agree.  :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Judgment Day

Just when you thought it was safe to get on with your life - the man behind ‘Judgment Day’ now predicts it will take place in five months on October 21st New Day. Instead of getting in on the ground floor with ‘I Survived Judgment Day’ T-shirt sales, Harold Camping decided to stretch out his idiocy into a flight straight into pathos. That this goofball’s haven is located in the same city as my auto shop has been a running joke with my customers. I’ve had some very humorous appointments made leading up to May 21st. ‘Hi, I need my oil changed before ‘Judgment Day’ was a popular one. I pass a ‘Judgment Day’ billboard on my way into work every day. Maybe they’ll be able to just paint over the date instead of redoing the whole thing. My daughter was married on 'Judgment Day' and now Camping has picked my wife's 60th birthday as the new 'Judgment Day'. I think I should start charging this clown a royalty fee. I’m considering a special maintenance ad now that ‘The End’ won’t come for another five months – Tune-up for Judgment Day. :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Mentalist Season Ender

I don’t know how many follow The Mentalist, but that was the best season ender I’ve seen so far. The writers figured out they couldn’t keep the show’s resident boogeyman, Red John, going forever. The way they set it up for a final face to face between Jane and Red John really worked. If they had tried to stretch the Red John villain into next season it would have been a bomb. The Mentalist has so many pluses going for it they don’t need resident jump the shark characters to trot into the plotting at spaced intervals. I enjoyed the way the threads from the season were wrapped up. Jane gunning down Red John before sitting down to drink his tea in the middle of the mall was a hoot.

The finale left enough up in the air for next season to make it a ‘can’t miss’ show for me. They better not come out with a ‘Fail’ like saying it wasn’t the real Red John either!  :)

Friday, May 20, 2011


Well, I’ve reached twenty-five queries out for HARDCASE before 'Judgment Day' tomorrow. It is of course my new first person POV bad dude novel. I’ve gotten the usual form rejections without comment totaling six so far, which we’ve all come to expect, but at least those agents send you something. The new standard lately stated on agent contact sites is if the agent is interested you get contacted. If they’re not interested and a few months go by then you can automatically consider yourself rejected – not even a form letter. I’ve been amused wondering how my auto repair business would be if I operated in the manner of literary agents… heh…heh…heh. Hey Sparky, I’ll get back to you in a few months on whether I can fix the Escalade or not. If I don’t… well… maybe you better stop by and pick it up. Oh well, I guess it doesn't matter with tomorrow being the end of the world.  :)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Amazon Publishing

I don’t know much about the inner workings of the publishing universe other than news snippets. It seems the so called ‘legitimate’ publishing world thinks Amazon wants to destroy it with their innovative approach. Agents, editors, and publishing houses all fear Amazon publishing enterprises spell the end for indy publishing houses along with the printed book Publishing Wars. Since all of the above have been squeezing writers and markets according to their own tastes in many cases, I find this Amazon shakeup an interesting paradigm of things to come.

Although a few self-publishing giants have made sales inroads that have even drawn the envy of New York publishing houses, name recognition and a lot of luck still play major roles in book sale success. The writer must have a polished product with a target audience whether doing a 99 cent Amazon self published special or going after an agent in recognized publishing avenues. To achieve success writers must still hawk their wares like a used car salesman with six kids and three ex-wives in either venue as promotion budgets favor established names.

It is obvious with Amazon, Smashwords, and Nook self publishing venues there will be many more writers with varying degrees of skill believing they’re publishing the next ‘Twighlight’ or ‘Harry Potter’. Where there will surely be disappointment there will also be hope… and as happens now – some success. It will mean a heck of a lot more competition for readers’ dollars which will drive the price downward. Earnings will be lower per sale and volume will mean everything. What does all this mean? For most of us… the same as now… don’t quit your day-job.  :)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Taliban Repression in Londonistan

In the Tower Hamlets of Londonistan, Islamist Taliban type repression threads its way into open attacks on the inhabitants still resisting the camel’s nose under the tent takeover of their city Takeover. While women, gays, and non-cooperating Muslims become everyday victims of verbal and physical abuse, the Islamists cry out ‘Islamaphobia’ whenever protests against the creeping stench try to halt the silent jihad. British citizens fed up with this nonsense watch as their police and politicians turn a blind eye to their subjugation. They endure the usual epithets of ‘racist’ and ‘xenophobe’ while cowering in the streets of their own country to jihadists from foreign lands. Any American who thinks this type of crap can’t happen here better start paying attention to our own Detroitistan and Dearbornistan where exactly what’s in the later stages of development in Britain have already begun.

It is past time to demand our government grifters stop pandering to the silent jihad seedlings sprouting up in America. We don’t need an Islamic outreach. America already has religious freedom. We also have separation of church and state, which our politicians seem hell bent on making the Islamists an exception to. The Second Amendment gives us an advantage over the poor subservient British with their way of life under violent siege, but for how long? Between Mexican drug lord armies already having conquered our Southern borderland and the massive influx of non-assimilating Middle Eastern hordes already here, I’m wondering if the rest of us aren’t already looking the camel in the eye with its hooves on our chests. Please, if you’re silently wondering the same thing, don’t bow your head to the government/media elite labeling you a racist because you don’t wish to live under the Taliban. We are not Islamaphobes for wishing to retain our way of life. If the politicians don’t wake up to the fact they have to enforce the laws of our lands on Islamists, they’ll soon find out we’re not in fear of Islam and the breaking point they push us past will end up in crushing Islam.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Son of a... Rat

Apparently, we need Seal Team Six to exterminate a few more Bin Laden rats. In this article, one of OBL’s sons wants to sue the USA for his Pop Rat’s death Omar. Omar is based out of London, and is married to a British pole dancer. Since OBL got dropped off with Sponge Bob, there have been demonstrations in Britain protesting King Rat’s demise. Since numerous Al Qaeda terrorists seem to pop in and out of Londonistan with impunity while mouthing death threats at the rest of the world, it makes me wonder about Britain’s approach to the terror war. Then again, we have Detroitistan on our side of the pond. Word to the wise, Omar – shut your fracking mouth before you get a ‘midnight at the oasis’ visit from the men in black.