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Monday, May 10, 2010

The Real Racists

This is an interesting article with videos of a Los Angeles High School teacher calling for a Mexican Revolution in the United States. That has always been the goal of La Raza (The Race) - But it’s Arizona enforcing federal law against illegal immigration that’s racist? I guess this clown likes the thousands of murders, kidnappings, beheadings along with rampant corruption going on down in La Raza land. Thanks to being a 'Sanctuary City' since 1979, Los Angeles may seem like the same crime ridden cesspool as Mexico to this 'teacher'. I know it's the home of every known murderous illegal alien gang on the FBI's database.


whydibuy said...

Problem is racism is reserved for minorities only in this country.

It is way politically incorrect to even consider anything they do or say as racist.

White guy like you is predetermined as racist due to your skin color and especially your clean, upstanding life.

No, this racist teachers racist pronouncements won't be called out by the media.
And that makes 'em even more bold to promote such racism since the media is absolutely terrified to point out such racism.

Thankfully there is the internet which helps highlight and expose such two faced hypocisy by minorities in race relations.

BernardL said...

The scary part, whydibuy, is the atmosphere kids who are citizens of the United States attend school under nowadays, where illegal immigration is rampant. They are treated as pariahs in their own land, unable to display the American flag or be patriotic for fear of offending America hating nitwits like the high school 'teacher' in Los Angeles.

You're right. Without the Internet the mainstream media would bury these stories.

Charles Gramlich said...

Racism should be condemned wherever it appears. We in America turn blind eyes to too much stuff.

whydibuy said...

The only good to come of this bold racism on the part of minorities is it provides the indignity to whites to grow a backbone, so to speak.

Here in Mi. a few years back, white U of M applicants finally fought back at the racist techniques the school was using.
The school was giving minorities extra points for being the right color, but, by default, subtracting points for being white.

White applicants took it to court in spite of media condemnation and won. It took to SCOTUS to resolve but that reverse racist system was stopped.

Yes, I get more news and insights from the web than anywhere else now. Blogs, forums and the like sure provide info you won't get in the mainstream media.

BernardL said...

Sedition against our nation too, Charles.

You have a point, whydibuy. Reverse racism was legalized with affirmative action against millions of people who never had anything to do with slavery or oppression. The fact that only 2% of the South even owned slaves and that some of the most prominent slave owners were black never even gets mentioned. In Arizona US citizens of all races, creeds, and colors are victimized by the invasion from the South, including Mexican Americans who trace their citizenry to when Arizona became a state. The 'teacher' calling for revolution against his own nation used to be called a traitor. In this unfortunate era, he's hired to teach hatred to kids.