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Sunday, July 7, 2019

New Release - Hard Case 13: Raging Fury

My new addition to the Hard Case Series has been released – Hard Case 13: Raging Fury. The Monsters and Unholies tackle the New World Order/Democratic Socialist cabal head on when they decide to try and regain California from Governor Florence Brown’s iron conservative control. Captain Hook and Kade take another big step into the series.

Hard Case 13: Raging Fury

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Rick Cantelli, P.I. Book 10: Shadows of Horror - Release Day

RJ Parker Publishing just released my newest novel:

Rick Cantelli, P.I. Book 10: Shadowsof Horror – a nonstop politically incorrect Pulp Fiction adventure, featuring Rick and Lo at their best.

Rick and Lois continue training sixteen-year-old Jim into the business. They take him on his first tracking mission into the Palomar Mountains after a serial rapist/killer, with Rick teaching him tracking skills and noiseless pursuit. Cantelli-land heats up once again with lost teenagers, dangerous movie sites, and Cartels buying their drug runners way across the border, compliments of a corrupt mayor. Add in showdowns with politically correct dupes, gunfights, and plenty of humor to herald yet another cycle of death.

Ellen steps more into the role of Jim’s handler, as he tries dating Leah in a more teenage manner, while having an affair with Temple’s stunt double Maya. The mounting confrontations involving Jim invokes Lois’s pronouncement labeling Jim as a Jinx Cantelli Jr. Rick begins to think she may be right.

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Release Day - Cold Blooded 11: Blood and Honor

RJ Parker Publishing released my new novel today:

No one gets serious about illegal alien invaders from South of the Border like the Monsters and Unholies. Nick receives a friend’s plea on the Arizona border and answers it in Terminator mayhem. The border war expands into the states, as assassin teams, enabled by Cartel owned American politicos meet a network of killers prepared to end the new threat no matter what the consequences.

Captain Hook and John Harding’s son, Kade, bond beyond the paranormal. Hook sees the youngster as a mini-me of John Harding, receiving the youngster into his scope as one to be accepted completely. Gangs, traitors, and treasonous ghouls all make their play against an array of American patriots, hell bent on regaining our lost land.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Release Day - Hard Case 12: Climate of Chaos

RJ Parker Publishing just released my newest novel, HardCase 12: Climate of Chaos. Here is the blurb:

John and Nick drag the Monsters and Unholies into political and international intrigue with worldwide consequences. Targeted by New World Order sycophants, trying to get ahead in the Illuminati order, the teams strike back in gun blazing answer. With families at risk, the deadliest killers in the world make it known the body count will cower even the most dedicated minions of world power.

John Harding’s son Kade, delivered to him by a woman named Julie he had an affair with years before, threads into the Harding family and Monsters with ease. Captain Hook, an over twenty-five-foot long Great White Shark; that has chosen to be one of John Harding's Monster crew, becomes John’s ocean training partner and deadly ally.

Friday, December 28, 2018

Release Day for Demon 9: The Price of Darkness

RJ Parker Publishing just released my newest novel: Demon: Book 9 The Price of Darkness. The Demon Inc paranormal world takes a couple of new spins. 😊 Here’s the blurb for it –

The Demon Inc crew confront a montage of demons, slime creatures, human predators and romantic entanglements in another episode of horror and hilarious interaction. The usual suspects of paranormal pranks, Demon and Mongo, continue to harass their human companions, while hiding behind their duty as Demon Inc’s morality patrol. Mike thwarts their efforts to some extent, but Demon Inc’s Archives of Lost Souls must be fed at someone’s expense. Miss Teenage America, Ella Santos, working as Demon Inc’s commercial viability consultant, embroils herself into both the terrifying battle Demon Inc wages with evil, and the comedic avoidance of her new nickname: Sin.

A dimensional rift at the original beginning of Demon Inc, the haunted house at the aqueduct, births an ancient evil: an invisible demi-demon: Baal. It needs to find a vessel powerful enough to hold the essence of hell. Stalking Mike from the aqueduct, where the Demon Inc crew closed the dimensional rift, inadvertently setting Baal free, the Prince of Hell seeks a way past Mike’s shielding darkness. Baal enlists the easily controlled snowflake, mommy’s basement dwellers. Their hatred of Mike becomes a tool for Baal, but for Demon Inc, Baal is just another day at the paranormal park. Demon Inc recruits a beautiful fake news reporter, Darla Mason, when Mike’s darkness overwhelms both Mike and Darla to create the hottest addition to the Demon Inc Archive of Lost Souls ever recorded by the prank brothers: Demon and Mongo.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

New Release - Rick Cantelli, P.I. Book 9: Murder Madness

RJ Parker Publishing just released my newest novel, Rick Cantelli, P.I. Book 9: MurderMadness. Here’s the blurb for it – a nonstop politically incorrect Pulp Fiction adventure, featuring Rick and Lo at their best. :)

Getting older, Rick and Lois keep plunging Madigan/Cantelli Security and Investigations into a most dangerous game, fighting for their survival against New World Order minions with murder on their mind. When the Globalists lose control of the CIA and FBI, the CIA Director’s young niece falls prey to a hired assassin, ordered to kill her as a warning to Van Carmichael. Van calls on Rick and Lo to send the billionaire responsible a message the Illuminati hierarchy will never forget, and he wants the assassin done old school.
Movie making, somber changes in their young adult charges, and quantum shifts in the kids’ physical and emotional challenges, begin to unravel what the old partners considered solid. They can only advise as the three young screenplay and movie making partners endure problems with romantic entanglements that take their toll, driving the kids apart. In the midst of investigations, both on the domestic front and a missing college girl case, Rick begins to rethink all the violent physical confrontations he engaged in far too often. His reflexes, honed while working with young Jim, Rick believes are beginning to make him careless.

Threading into the ongoing rush of cases and political danger, Madigan/Cantelli Security must deal with guarding the set of Jim and Temple’s newest movie. A tangled mess of competing filmmakers, billionaire brothers seeking revenge for their father’s death at the hands of Rick, and a murderous attempted assault on the movie set run square into the deadliest pair of CIA killers who think any situation can be handled with a pair of pliers, a torch, or a bullet in the head.

Friday, October 5, 2018

My new Cold Blooded/Hard Case crossover event addition - released today - Cold Blooded 10: Hell’s Half Acre. Rogue elements of the Illuminati decide to eliminate John Harding’s Monsters and Nick McCarty’s Unholies by any way necessary, including kidnapping John’s daughter Alice. Luckily, Alice went to summer camp with Nick’s daughter Jean, along with Sonny and Jay. The threads of darkness from the summer camp threat elimination lead to political locals as well as nationwide challenges. In Washington, DC, Nick reconnects with the witnesses he must protect if a warning can be sent to the other coin operated politicos.

Trying to face all adversaries in the UFC, John Harding agrees to fight a violent newcomer, Henry Clovers, fighting as Black Sabbath. To reach a lull in threats and danger emanating from the New World Order sycophants, John finds a weird entity in the person of Captain Hook, an over twenty-foot great white shark, who grows fond of the feedings Harding’s crew provides, and seems committed to helping John train in the ocean, whether he likes it or not.

The two teams carry on their war against the enemies of American nationalism, the only vaccine against the chaos of NWO elitists.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Hard Case Book 11: Killing Field - Release Day

RJ Parker Publishing released my 50th novel today, Hard Case 11: Killing Field. Here's the blurb:

John Harding’s Monsters and Nick McCarty’s Unholies embark on a journey into the Sharia Law Mutant enabling nation of France, Paris to be exact. John provides a cover for Nick’s sojourn sanction of an Illuminati, Carlos Abel. Carlos sent an army over the Mexican border to kill both teams in revenge for the Boston bombing of a Committee of 300 meeting. Nick takes Claude Chardin, former assassin, with him in a scheme under Nick’s last Paris sanction identity: Pierre Russo.

Harding takes a tune-up fight at the Paris MMA-Factory facility, featuring a fighter named Efrain Anvari, to provide cover for Nick and Claude after they complete the mission. John hopes to provide a Paris, France vacation for all dependents before the perceived loss of France to the New World Order and Sharia Law Mutant chaos. Nothing is what it appears to be in this newest crossover event. The two teams answer Paris’s plea from the mayor to stop a major terrorist incident. The Monsters and Unholies respond violently under their rules of engagement.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Release Day - Demon Book 8: If Darkness Calls

RJ Parker Publishing released my new novel: Demon Book 8: If Darkness Calls today. Here's the blurb:

Mike, Demon and Mongo/Baby Groot lead the Demon Inc crew into battle once again. Halloween and All Souls Day herald a series of rescues, warring with an MS-13 rape gang, a vicious Jinn called an Ifrit, and welcoming Demon Inc’s new marketing liaison, Miss Teenage America, Ella Santos. Ella joins Demon Inc, hoping for a road to TV and movie stardom. Instead, she finds dedicated soldiers fighting horrific creatures and demons, led by a paranormal trio of unstoppable heroes.

Demon Inc’s FBI handler, Alisha Navarone, must solve an anomaly near Ella’s hometown of Olatha, Kansas. Workers and travelers at New Century Air Center, housing the infamous haunted Hangar 43, report sightings of another world, blinking in and out of reality near the hangar. Demon Inc’s weapons master and IT specialist, Denny Stossle, discovers the area readings near New Century Air Center indicate a weakness in the dimensional wall. Agent Navarone launches Demon Inc to stop a cataclysmic dimensional war.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Release Day for Rick Cantelli, P.I. Book 8: Red Ruin

My 8th addition to the Rick Cantelli P.I. Series has been released. Here’s the blurb for Red Ruin:
The wonderful celebrity cruise on the East Coast turns into a nightmarish voyage into the reaches of the Illuminati, where they believe Rick and Lo can be erased easily. Unfortunately for the sick society of New World Order elitists, they’ve overstepped their bounds this time. The Globalist NOW group learn quickly the two old geezers they thought to send into an early dirt nap, will not go quietly… or at all.

Ambushes, snipers, Illuminati assassins, and political miscreants all get into the mix as Cantelli-land moves offshore on a media circus from New Jersey’s Cape Liberty to Saint John, Canada. Finally reaching home after shipboard intrigue and successful negotiations for movie funding with a Halifax Investment Group, a host of foes thought to be heading for prison, obtain releases amidst California corruption. The Madigan/Cantelli enemies list grows longer… but only temporarily. Red Ruin, is a wild, politically incorrect Pulp Fiction ride, co-starring Kull the Barbarian pit bull, never far from the action. :)


Link - RickCantelli, P.I. Book 8: Red Ruin