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Friday, March 27, 2020

Rick Cantelli, P.I. Book 12: Brotherhood of Death

 Sorry I'm late with this newest release and link.😉

Jim and Ellen step up their game in a deadly dangerous fashion, filling the gap between young and old killers. Training continues with Rick and Lois continuing to integrate the two gifted young operatives into the Madigan/Cantelli Security firm.

The talented teens, writing scripts and starring in movies, ward off and handle dangerous events with an expertise surprising even to their trainers. Kelly’s ex-boyfriend arrives in the city to cause mayhem, but meets Jim instead, while entering the Madigan/Cantelli Brotherhood of Death list.

Nora, the romantic interest of Jim’s character in a new movie, delivers a stunning and erotic flavor to their first love scene together. It builds tension and danger when her fiancé takes a swipe at Jim. Kull, the pit-bull from heaven, plays, guards, and entertains upon command as always, while his human companions handle vagrant camps, Sharia Law Mutants, and killers.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

New Release - Demon Book 11: Darkness Fever

Amazon just released Demon 11: Darkness Fever, my new addition to the humorous paranormal, Mike Rawlins and Demon the Dog series

Mike and Demon take on all comers with the Demon Inc crew watching their six. Wendigos, Satanists, Climate Change whackos, Puerto Rican Mafia gangsters, and a peculiar surge in Bad Caspers haunting the already infamous Preston Castle Reform school.

The Demon Inc crew walk a thin line between politics, assassins, and gangsters during an attempt to enjoy the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, while trying to make a buck on their established breadwinner: the paranormal. No one does it better when the paranormal world invades. Demon Inc’s business is the paranormal and as Demon says, business is good. 😏

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Hard Case 14: Cold Harbor

I’m working on Hard Case 14: Cold Harbor. It will be released Christmas Eve. Here’s the blurb for the next Harding/McCarty adventure, along with the link for pre-order.

Still trying to survive what Nick promised his wife would be a combat free Alaska cruise, instead involves the Unholies and John Harding’s Monsters in a mission filled madness of drug runners and human traffickers. Finally ending the vacation from hell, the crews accept an ongoing battle to turn the tide on human trafficking they discovered on the cruise, stemming from Washington State’s liberal Mecca: Seattle. A gang, luring children from twelve to seventeen years old into sex trafficking, meet the Monsters and Unholies.

Meanwhile, New World Order advocates, trying to oust California’s Florence Brown, learn the consequences of going toe to toe with America’s toughest Governor, and her defenders. A new opponent for John Harding, Indonesian Kadek Maimpo, lures him into a title match at Melbourne’s Marvel Stadium for an Australian combat interlude needing Kade’s finned friend, Captain Hook, again for training purposes.