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Monday, March 1, 2010

Los Angeles Carbon Tax

With all the financial and crime problems Los Angeles faces, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa decided a new carbon tax is just the ticket to cure their ills. Never mind the Global Warming hoax and resultant Carbon Credit Trading Mafia are in freefall all over the world – the mayor wants money for alternate energy sources which don’t work. The money he’s already scammed from the Los Angeles taxpayers has disappeared down his political rat-hole. It appears he’s taken a page from some of the UK’s leaders, hoping to steal as much money as  possible in carbon taxes before the fraud is ended. With the violently out of control illegal alien gang problems in his city, you’d think Mayor Villaraigosa would be figuring out new methods to protect his constituents rather than new methods of robbing them.,0,4539226.story


Charles Gramlich said...

The more real problems the politician has, the more he/she'll try to distract people by giving them another problem that supposedly "can" be solved.

Bernita said...

Charles has it right.The politics of distraction.
Often works, too.

BernardL said...

I don't think distracting people with new taxes during a recession is going to work in this case, especially in a city with daily violent crime. I guess it will depend on how many are pushing the cart down there and how many are riding in the wagon. :)