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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Monster Government

This article on 2,000 congressional staffers making over six figure incomes while crafting socialist health care bills they are exempt from hits home to what the common American citizen hates about our government puppet masters. Unlike the class warfare politicos who stir up hatred toward anyone making a dollar more than someone else I’ve never given a thought to entrepreneurs making fortunes in America. Aspiring to greatness and achieving it is what made America great. Most fortunes here were made by people who created and produced a product people wanted and bought. Not so in our elitist congress.

Wouldn’t it be refreshing if the people we elect and pay exorbitant wages to actually worked while they screwed us, all while being exempt from whatever ridiculous boondoggles like socialist health care they foisted on the rest of us? Whether you’re a leftist Anti-American, Che T-shirt wearing anarchist or a right wing, gun toting, commie behind every tree Attila the Hun – don’t you think it would be appropriate for our representatives in elected government office to actually do the job rather than create millionaires out of political hack minions. Maybe… just maybe… if these weasels had to actually write their own bills we wouldn’t have a two thousand page document made up of obfuscations even the authors don’t understand. A strong first step to recovering our nation as it would have been for healing our health care is fire all the damn lawyers. Look, if the American populace elects representatives on the basis they wish to turn America into a Venezuelan dictatorship at least let’s make it so the jerks have to do it in a language we can understand while crafting our downfall with their own hands. I don’t think it’s right we have tax cheats crafting and enforcing tax law or lawyers in charge of tort reform. These supposed elected servants of the people hand over their four word orders to a team of lawyer staffers for the express purpose of creating documents no one can understand and no one can be blamed for. I’m like a lot of angry Americans – if I’m getting screwed on a blind date at least take the bag off your fracking head so I can see whose doin’ the deed.

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