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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Setback For The French Climate Mafia

Well, there’s good news for the French economy. The government decided not to go forward on a carbon tax in order to keep French business on a competitive basis with other European countries. Because businesses don't pay taxes, consumers do - this is also great news for the French buying public. The governments always try the class warfare ruse of  "Let's tax that evil business" knowing every second they're taxing us consumers. This news is certainly a refreshing change since all the left leaning politicos here in the USA always wonder what we can do to be more like the French. Now they have an answer – stop taxing our businesses into oblivion and get rid of the Carbon Credit Climate Mafia connection in Washington. Vive La France!  :)


Middle Ditch said...

Good for them!

BernardL said...

They do seem more 'Civilized' than us yokels in America when it comes to taxes, MD. :)