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Friday, March 26, 2010

Global Warming Genocide Gambit

I’ll let the headline speak for this new piece of Global Warming idiocy - National Geographic Warns Global Warming Leads to Increased Violence... Possibly Even 'Genocide'. So, let me see. Does that mean when Hitler committed genocide against the Jews there was too much CO2 in the air? What about the genocide between the Tutsis and Hutus that has gone on for generations. I guess throwing out common sense and logic is a key to making apocalyptic claims with your carbon credit investments going up in smoke. We’ll have to depend on the UK Telegraph or other media to ask the burning question when did National Geographic invest in the Carbon Market and how much do they stand to lose now that the GW fairytale is starting to get a happy ending? This ditz Ker Than who wrote the piece for National Geographic was citing a study from a sociologist named Matthew DeLisi who based his paper on statistics from 1950 – 2008 so the 6 million Jews killed by Hitler didn’t really make it into his report. Uncle Joe Stalin and Chairman Mao killed over a hundred million of their own people but DeLisi didn’t want to confuse anyone with real genocide numbers. DeLisi made another statement about his report which was unintentionally funny. He admitted, “there are factors other than temperature to consider such as more interaction with people and more opportunity for crime.” Ya think!?


Bernita said...

Oh crap!
Any abrupt natural disaster leads to a temporary loss of civil control and may engender a brief upsurge in crimes of opportunity until civil authority is reasserted.
Global Warming has been articulated as a gradual process, has it not? Therefore the process by definition provides time for civil adjustment.

BernardL said...

Very true, Bernita, but Global Warming is the Apocalyptic Fairytale these thieves can never really be caught at like the criminals they are. As long as there's a hot day in Australia or Atlanta, Georgia we're in danger of every malady ever thought of from acne to... well... I guess genocide.