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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Against The Wind

The Health Care Socialism act isn’t the only thing being considered for ratification while bypassing the American people and the Constitution. Cap and Trade (the Carbon Trading Mafia Protection Act) will be instituted behind the backs of the American people too. Since they can’t pass the Carbon Trading Scam with a Constitutional vote in what we thought was our representative government, our leaders have decided to use the EPA Gestapo and create their own extortion syndicate to trade in imaginary carbon credits. While the European Union’s Climate Mafia is losing its grip on the Carbon Credit Trading Market Hoax, our government has decided to create a new one.

My hero, Walter E Williams, takes a scathing look at the environmental ‘Experts’ from the last fifty years. They’ve lied and cheated over their careers to the point if they were regular citizens instead of pointy headed intellectuals, all of them would be doing time in prison. Instead of jailing these carnival barkers Professor Williams explains how the scientific community recycles the hucksters into new scams to steal our money.


Charles Gramlich said...

Every field has it's hucksters, Religion, science, politics, even car repair. The key is for people to learn enough about science, or whatever field, to be able to tell the hucksters from the good folks who are trying to do their job and generally doing a good job. I know literally hundreds of scientists who are NOT hucksters. They may not always be right but they do try to stay with what their research tells them. A little more education in the lower grades about what scientists really do and what they know, and how they discover it, might help a lot.

BernardL said...

I know of 31,000 scientists who signed a petition denying mankind has anything to do with Global Warming, Charles.

They couldn't make a dint against the Carbon Trading Mafia, even back in 1998. All we heard was the science was settled. When the government turns away from overwhelming daily evidence the GW movement is a scam of monumental thievery since ClimateGate, only people going to prison will halt this travesty.