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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Be Afraid

Two very different but related stories about the religion of peace surfaced over the weekend. This first article details how religion of peace acolytes slaughtered 500 Christians in Nigeria, including men, women and children. You might wonder what world reaction amounted to in wake of this new murderous Islamic reality illustration. The UN is ‘deeply concerned’ and the Vatican reaction hit a strong note that they were ‘deeply saddened’. When Israel bombs a suicide bomb belt factory in Gaza responsible for the execution of their citizens, the world goes nuts with condemnation. 500 Christians get slaughtered and it’s ho hum time at World Inc.
My second article expresses C.A.I.R (Council on American-Islamic Relations) concern over armed militia and patriotic groups being on a huge rise in America. They of course refer to all the groups as anti-government and anti-immigrant. I believe a lot more American citizens are reading about Islamic atrocities throughout the rest of the world while our media turns a blind eye to it – even to the point of enabling murderous groups like Hamas, Hezbollah, and Islamic Jihad to name but a few. We’re watching our leaders racing toward one world order holding our burning stars and stripes in one hand and a bag with our shredded Constitution in the other. We’re watching our leaders suck up to Terrorist backing groups like C.A.I.R. while installing people with Terrorist backgrounds in places of power within our own government – all while morons like Homeland Security Chief Napolitano lists Christian groups and returning veterans as potential threats to the nation’s security. Be afraid C.A.I.R., be very afraid – we simple peons still clinging to the Second Amendment by tooth and claw don’t plan on huddling in our hovels like those poor Christians in Nigeria. Contrary to Hollywood’s anti-American crapolla movies creating Terrorist groups out of everyone but the Middle Eastern Islamists perpetrating destruction throughout the world, we American working grunts know it ain’t the militias, returning veterans, and lowly Christians wrecking havoc on innocent people across planet Earth’s surface - And We're Armed.

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