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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Missile Defense

A plethora of subjects in the news I am completely opposed to President Obama with I’ve mentioned and blogged about here before, including Global Warming, Health Care, Partial Birth Abortion, Taxes, United States Sovereignty,  etc. I’ve always believed it’s not who’s right or wrong. To me it’s always been what’s right or wrong. President Obama did something right. Even though I disagree with making any treaty with absolute lying entities like Russia or China, at least President Obama refused to include our missile defense systems in this latest one sided disarmament plot. The Russians wanted us to drop missile defense in the worst way because we proved it can be done and they don’t have a clue. That will probably change when some sellout here gives the technology away like they did with MIRV technology to the Chinese, enabling them to make attacks on the continental USA during the Clinton administration. Prior to that traitorous debacle China couldn’t get one off the launch pad, let alone have it hit anything. I won’t dwell on the ifs of this latest foray into one sided disarmament, but at least we still have missile defense. Whether President Obama stood fast against the Russians because he knew the Senate would not ratify the treaty without excluding missile defense or not, the important thing is we still have it.

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