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Friday, March 12, 2010

The Poor Carbon Traders... Not!

This article made me want to laugh and blow something up, all at the same time. It appears thanks to the light finally shining on the greatest global fraud ever perpetrated on legitimate businesses and taxpayers worldwide, the once lucrative huckster carbon trading market is drying up. The carbon traders are crying they may get pink slips. Well Boo… Fracking… Hoo! You’ve all stolen a gazillion dollars from taxpayers all over the globe and bankrupted God only knows how many businesses while extorting a fortune from the others with your imaginary carbon credits and Al Goracle Global Warming scam. Instead of worrying about pink slips these thieves should be worrying about prison time.


Bernita said...

Doesn't inhaling too much carbon monoxide turn you pink?

BernardL said...

Yes, I believe it does, Bernita. :)