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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


First let me make this statement before I go on. I believe Hillary Clinton during her run for the Presidency saw President Obama’s real birth certificate. If there had been any way she could have nuked his run for the White House, she’d have done it. Therefore, I’m not a Birther. I don’t believe in the boogeyman but I believe in Hillary Clinton. The last person on earth you want tearing up your personal life for tidbits to use against you is Hillary and the Clinton political machine. If any folks think the Republicans leaked evidence of Barack Obama doing coke, or being mentored by Marxist bombers William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, or preached to for twenty years by Marxist America hater Jeremiah Wright, or attached to quid pro quo backroom real estate deals with felon Tony Rezko – they are incredibly naïve. Each one of those revelations came at a time when Hillary needed a boost on the campaign trail. That none of it was enough to catapult her over him must have frosted her cookies but good. If she had proof Obama wasn’t a born in the USA candidate, Hillary would have nailed him with it the moment they drove the rest of the candidates from the race.
That said, I read this really weird yet fascinating article by Joan Swirsky outlining all the Birther related conspiracy stuff being gathered. I had no idea how many threads going in all directions existed fueling this movement. I believe they’re all getting sucked in and when the Birther movement has ascended to fever pitch, President Obama will show the goods. I think McCain should have played the same game when the media and Democrats went after him, forcing him to substantiate his natural born status. McCain threw away a great publicity ploy by simply proving his status. In any case, Ms. Swirsky’s article is terrifically put together with a combination of innuendo and suspense. Hillary will laugh if she reads it.  :)


John said...

This pretty much sums up the birther movement way better than I could:

BernardL said...

LOL! Yeah, and I'm from one of those fringe states Stewart pings. Thanks John. :)

ttj said...

You make a good point. Who would think of trying to cross Hillary Clinton? That said, there's not much to say for the invincibility of the "Clinton Machine." They were beat handily enough.

BernardL said...

Only at the polls, TTJ, not in the backrooms and the streets. :)