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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lady Luck

Here’s a little light hearted article if you can see the irony in it. A British man won 4.9 million dollars in the lottery one day after finalizing his divorce. He and his ex-wife are the best of friends with a daughter. Knowing the British tax laws he’ll probably only get to keep about ten bucks anyway. It’s a pretty entertaining story though. :)


raine said...

That's fabulous, lol. And his ex sounds like such a good sport!
Good on him. :)

Middle Ditch said...

Good luck to him I say, and his daughter. Good for her not to be jealous and great they are good friends. I'll bet you he will give his ex a bit too.

BernardL said...

It is indeed nice to read a neat story like this where all the characters are happy with the outcome, Raine. :)

I believe he will, MD. I hope he puts away a bundle for the daughter's future too.