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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Children Of The Death Cult Continues

Here’s another chapter in ‘Children of the Death Cult’ as the Taliban send children as young as five years old to plant bombs in Afghanistan along with weapons running. This child debasement will provoke the same outrage Palestinian children singing suicide bombing songs provoked in the religion of submission – another deafening silence. Incredibly, there are supposedly enlightened people still claiming we need to understand Muslim rage. No we don’t. If I see a rabid dog in the street I don’t try and commune with it. The enlightened say we need to respect their culture. No we don’t. When Muslims control an area, they desecrate all other religious places and kill anyone who refuses to submit – again, the rabid dog comparison fits. The basic reason for Islamists’ insane attacks throughout the world is because the rest of us won’t submit to their twisted culture. Since we won’t submit, they’ll do anything to kill us including using their own children as human bombs. We’d all be at peace if the leaders of this sickness had done what they’ve used their children to do. Osama and that one-eyed piece of human excrement Mullah Omar should have strapped on bombs at the beginning along with the rest of the Islamist psychopaths and went virgin hunting themselves. They were too terrified that after they blew themselves into bits and pieces the rest of the Islamic world would simply live their own lives and leave the outside world to do the same. I hope the world doesn’t lose their will to stop the Death Cult, because if they do, Muslim children won’t be the only ones sacrificed by these rabid dogs.

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