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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sniper Fire

To add fuel to the fire Oakland Mayor and City Council has blazing by their inability to run the city a sniper began targeting Oakland Police Officers. After the layoff of eighty police officers in Oakland our police force encountered a new deadly threat – sniper fire. Thanks to officials parading around with protestors of the Mehserle verdict instead of making sure the public knew Mehserle was a Bay Area Rapid Transit officer not an Oakland police officer we have the gangbangers believing it’s open season on police in Oakland. This new outrage comes on the heels of Oakland publishing a list of crimes they will no longer send the police out on.
Our officials made Oakland a sanctuary city in direct violation of Federal law, enabling Oakland to become another nesting place for illegal alien gangbangers like MS-13. They’ve issued a boycott of Arizona in opposition to a state trying to save their residents within the law. They’ve assumed blame in front of crowds protesting the verdict in a shooting that has nothing to do with Oakland police or residents. They’ve run the city in the red for so long the police officers still employed probably wonder if they’ll get a paycheck for working while taking sniper fire.


Charles Gramlich said...

that's definitely above and beyond the call.

BernardL said...

It sure is, Charles. Especially since even if they found the sniper and shot him the city officials would sell them out in a heartbeat.