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Saturday, July 10, 2010

The New Black Panthers

This is the case concerning voter intimidation Attorney General Eric Holder threw out. Pay close attention to the end of this video clip. The vitriol in what this guy says about white people provoked YouTube comments just as disturbing in a number of ways. There is no cure for this but hoping it will go away instead of facing it makes no sense either.

First off concerning the poll intimidation, if the Iraqis can go vote with purple colored fingers in the face of terrorists bombing the poll place, I’d be a pretty sad example of an American being scared from my voting booth by these two cheap punks. To keep me from voting they better plan on using those clubs and finishing the job because I’ll be back and I won’t be bringing a club. To all the people who believe these assholes are representative of black Americans I am in my fourth decade fixing cars and trucks in Oakland. I also have loyal black customers now in the fourth generation of their families bringing vehicles to me for repair. They abhor punks like the ones in the film just as much as any other American. What makes the situation intolerable is when the federal government voids legitimate voter intimidation convictions under Department of Justice’s Eric Holder, who is quickly becoming a shining beacon of hypocritical and racist application of federal law.


Charles Gramlich said...

Hatred begets hatred. Few of us ever seem to learn.

BernardL said...

Yeah, Charles, I don't get how this Shabazz character thinks perpetrating racial hatred and violence improves anything. And why Attorney General Holder voided the convictions makes absolutely no sense at all unless he wants to incite racial bigotry.

BernardL said...

I deleted your comment, whydibuy. Although I understand your frustration, you need to make your point without racial epithets. I didn't post the video to incite an opposite reaction to Shabazz. I posted it because the New Black Panthers are a dangerous entity being given a free pass by our justice department to intimidate voters and threaten the lives of another race.

whydibuy said...

Its your blog and you can do what you want. And I understand much of your clientale is likely minority.

As far as I'm concerned, anytime a racial epithets are used to describe whites ( crackers ) , its fair game to me to use theirs.

And for me, its not just internet postings. I've done it to negroes faces when they've said honkey or cracker to me. I give back as good as I got.
Its called the system of checks and balances. If whites let them get away with it uncontested, they think they have free reign to do it.

Kinda like engaging a bully in combat. They have to be taught they can't just do anything they want.

Yes, I'm a big follower of Ben Franklin's saying that its not the evil in the world thats the problem. Its the good citizens who see it and do nothing and allow it to continue.

BernardL said...

There will always be thugs, whydibuy. I've handled my share in Oakland over the past thirty-four years. I don't use racial epithets because I don't think them. A guy like Shabazz bothers me because he's a threat to Americans... all Americans. He would kill another black man if the man was a conservative who followed Martin Luther King and confronted Shabazz. Shabazz alienates as many of his own race as he does whites.

I don't give an inch in confrontations with anyone but I've never needed to trade insults with anyone either. I've had the race card pulled on me so many times I've lost count. In each instance the person pulled it not because I acted in a racially charged manner, but because I refused to do what they wanted. What they wanted me to do was something or other I didn't do for anyone, and trying to browbeat me into doing it with white guilt is a waste of time on me.

Yes, I do have every minority patronizing my repair shop. I don't avoid criticizing what I see as anti-American behavior. I get along in Oakland because I don't see color and I don't think color. Until they prove me wrong, I see everyone as 'Red, White, and Blue'. To me, we only have one race in this country - American.