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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Chased By A Vampire

Colorado made some paranormal news with this story from Mesa County. A woman ran her SUV off the road to avoid a vampire. I’m linking this article because a writing friend, Denise Belinda McDonald, has a new romance novel for sale titled Wrong Turn, Right Cowboy which I thought was a fantastic title. When I read the ‘I was chased by a vampire into a ditch’ article, plots and titles streamed into my head including – ‘Right Neck, Wrong Vampire’ or ‘Right Road, Wrong Fang’. I’m certain the scene our hapless vampire victim in Colorado suffered stirs up the paranormal imagination a little in all of us.  :)


Bernita said...

Already did, except it was ghosts, not a vampire.
I have to wonder if this is life imitating art!

BernardL said...

With the number of vampire cults in Colorado, Bernita, I would bank on it. :)

raine said...

‘Right Neck, Wrong Vampire’ or ‘Right Road, Wrong Fang’

And we will be expecting to read these titles from you very soon, Bernard. ;)

BernardL said...

Coming to a slush pile very soon, Raine. :)