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Thursday, July 8, 2010


Many of you have heard about the shooting in an Oakland Bart station involving an Oakland Bart Police Officer shooting an unarmed young man. A very nice policewoman came around with a flyer for me yesterday from the city fathers telling me I should stay tuned for the verdict. If it looks bad the flyer says I should have emptied out my cash drawer, boarded up my business, put in closed circuit TV to record my business being attacked, and take pictures for the police after I come back to the devastation. I mentioned to the Oakland Policewoman maybe it would be better if our Mayor Ron Dellums didn’t surrender the city and put all sheriff’s departments, CHP officers, and Oakland police on alert to flood the city after the verdict and patrol to keep residents and businesses safe. Dellums decided instead to surrender.
This verdict, good or bad, will not dissuade the gangbangers waiting for any excuse to rape and plunder our city. Only real city leaders backing the oft maligned police, CHP, and sheriff s’ departments confronting these gangs with deadly force will stop this debacle. Our mayor and city council know these riots if they happen tonight will have nothing to do with justice or the verdict and everything to do with the gangs knowing our leaders plan to surrender the city. I’ve been in the demilitarized zone of East Oakland since 1976. I own the business, building, and land. It will be very bad if I have visitors to my place tonight because I’ll be waiting. God bless the Second Amendment – still in effect here – unlike Chicago.


whydibuy said...

That is why the riot idiots never really got going.

Everyone was prepared. Even negro criminals have enough wits about them to know not to attack armed and ready folks.

Riots get bad when the populace is unprepared or clueless as to what is happening like in the king riots. Then the rioters have the advantage.

I have no doubt that the korean and arab business owners didn't get looted since they were most likely, armed to the teeth. Looters will go after known empty big name places. Its safer that way.

BernardL said...

The gangbangers of more than one race who came into Oakland looted black owned businesses too, whydibuy. As I stated, the court in LA could have ordered Mehserle hung and the thugs would have still looted and pillaged. You're right about easy targets. A twelve gauge semi-auto shotgun makes a great deterrent to vandals.