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Friday, July 23, 2010

Illegal Alien Felons

When backing Governor Brewer and Arizona in their battle for the right of self-defense against the invasion across our borders, here are some very relevant statistics to take into consideration. Illegal aliens make up 14.8% of Arizona’s prison population while representing only 7% of Arizona’s population - and these crimes they’re in prison for are not because they were stopped while illegal. Drug running, murder, rape, and kidnapping are their offenses, a supposed criminologist named James Alan Fox, states at the end of the article come with being poor. Fox’s quote of the day is ‘the rich get richer; the poor get prison’. I got news for this jackass – I grew up poor as did most of the United States citizenry and drug running, murder, rape, and kidnapping were not on our list of things to do with our lives. Apologists like this moron Fox illustrate why personal responsibility is disappearing from our culture. I’d trade Fox at the border any day for one hard working Mexican who wanted to become a United States citizen. The number of illegal aliens in Arizona prisons is staggering, yet the Fed’s take Arizona to court and post stay off the United States property signs where the Drug Cartels smuggle drugs and illegal aliens. Could this situation be more upside down?

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