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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Oakland Police Layoffs

Oakland’s leaders laid off eighty Oakland Police Officers last week due to the mayor and city council running the city into the ground financially. Entitlement programs, pork, payoffs, and stupidity combine for a flawless recipe in Oakland to make sure we never balance our budget. The city uses the utility companies to rob residents and businesses in Oakland of vast amounts of money they never account for. For example, the city leaders increase Oakland’s ‘Sewer Tax’ continually using the water district utility to extort money for them under the cover of being ‘Green’. This process of secondary thievery is repeated in every bill where you read the fine print under taxes and fees. Yet even with these ill gotten gains, Oakland’s leaders can never meet a budget. So now we end up with eighty less police officers and a list of crimes which will no longer be pursued – nice of our city leaders to publish the ‘free from pursuit’ items in the article so the crooks have a ‘to do’ list. I have a budget cutting idea – get rid of the mayor and city council. They are proven failures. They don’t back the police department and the only thing they’ve done recently is hold hands with rioters looting the city.


Charles Gramlich said...

How do useless politicians like this keep getting elected? People sometimes seems as if they like to be screwed.

BernardL said...

It's the same as when the people scream bloody murder when the police use force in self defense or against criminals committing crimes, Charles. They believe police officers are Robo-cops and street thugs will simply cease and desist when ordered to. Everything else is a lawsuit or riot.

Same thing with our elections out here on the nutty West Coast. There is a disconnect in logic. Politicians promise entitlements to buy votes and people think the money comes from some pot of gold at the end of the rainbow rather than confiscated from their own pockets.

whydibuy said...

The result is the same you would get in Detroit or cleveland or anywhere the underclass assumes control.

You end up with a concentrated pool of lowlifes, thugs and gangbangers.
Anyone decent will self segregate into a better area, i.e. an area populated with people like themselves.

And this self segregation accelerates the bad areas decline as the tax base walks away and its left with nothing but takers.

Wonder if the gov will try to initiate wealth busing. Earners being required to go to underclass zones, lol.

BernardL said...

The aggravating part of all this, whydibuy, is the fact it takes a lot of elections and politicians voted in by middle class residents to start this decline into chaos. We have had fiscal idiots as mayors and city council members for a couple generations now in Oakland. I can't even remember when we had a mayor who backed up the police department in Oakland.

whydibuy said...

I would agree that it is started in a way by middle classers also sucking at the gov trough untill it doesnt serve their purpose and they walk away.

For ex. , my D.D.S. golfing friend talks about these arabs who come to his office and use well child insurance. This is a poor persons supplemental aid by the gov.

Funny thing is, many come to his office in brand new cadillac escalades and tahoes all blinged out. They're driving better, newer vehicles than he's got.
So you have lots of people scamming some free gov money untill it causes a fall in the area. People with private resources to pay but scam the system.

So, yes, middle classers also vote in the free money untill it hurts their standard of living and they move on. By that time, the underclass is now entreched and in control.

BernardL said...

You're sure right about the plethora of giveaway programs out there getting accessed by people who should never be allowed to access them, whydibuy. When they got rid of the stigma attached to welfare and food-stamps, and turned it into an entitlement program, people became accustomed to handouts. We need to bring the shame back in accepting what a person does not earn with their own sweat.

Bernita said...

Just shaking my head.
Truly, a disconnect in logic.

BernardL said...

I'm afraid Oakland is on its way to a dark place, Bernita.