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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Free The Chakra

First off, as anyone who has read my blog since Al Goracle compared his Global Warming Scam to fighting the Nazi’s in WWII knows, I have listed a multitude of lies and hypocrisies by his highness ‘The Goracle’ - including his multi-million dollar Montecito Estate bought with carbon credit monopoly money. I did not write about his impending divorce or the masseuse claims of getting groped by the Goracle. I am linking this article about his accuser failing a lie detector test about being groped. Although I believe Al Goracle to be an arrogant, lying, con-artist, rodeo clown perpetrating the most criminally damaging worldwide scam ever attempted, the accusations claiming him to be a sexual predator always did seem to have a lot of holes. His accuser’s past and her failure of a lie detector test requested by her own lawyer will most likely close this case. No matter how one may feel about ‘The Goracle’, it’s nearly impossible to believe that a guy who can afford a ten million dollar villa would be groping fifty something hotel masseuses.


Bernita said...

I agree.

BernardL said...

I have very little good to say about the Goracle, Bernita, but I'd wager he doesn't take his clothes off in front of anyone - thank you, Al. :)