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Monday, July 5, 2010

Attempted Honor Killing

I wonder if this plot by a ‘Harry Potter’ starlet’s father and brother might finally focus attention on ‘Honor Killings’ carried out around the Muslim world. Afshan Azad starred in four of the Harry Potter movies. Because she has been suspected of getting into a relationship with a Hindu man, her father and brother decided killing her was a necessary next step in a family’s duty. Losing a child you have raised from infancy is horrifying enough, but murdering your own child or sibling to assuage some insane idea of family honor crosses over into a nightmarish realm of lunacy. I’m glad this actress survived. It astonishes me the British court allowed her idiot father and brother loose on bail. Ms. Azad would be well advised to relocate somewhere she can carry a gun.


Charles Gramlich said...

Somethings I just can't wrap my head around. How anyone could see it as honorable to kill their own child.

BernardL said...

No sane person can ever fathom that one, Charles.

raine said...

My sister-in-law hails from India. She's told me many appalling stories about the conflicts there, things that reek of the dark ages.
And, although her family there is Catholic, they were quick to discourage her daughter's feelings for a young Hindu man, for the sake of her own safety.

Wishing Ms. Azad well, even if it means severing family ties.

raine said...

I know I posted here yesterday...Blogger is eating my comments!

My sis-in-law hails from India, and has told me stories about the conflicts there that reek of the dark ages.
And although her family there is Catholic, they made a great point of discouraging her daughter from pursuing her affection for a young Hindu man--for her own safety.

Wishing Ms. Azad the best, & hoping she'll cut family ties if necessary.

BernardL said...

It looks like Blogger is playing with your comments, Raine. :) India has real problems with their caste system. They have fortunately not been known to export their nightmarish cultural problems to other lands. The same can't be said for Islamists.